1. Coldgamr

    MSI GTX 760 HDMI Audio

    I am using HDMI out from my MSI GTX 760 for audio and video. My motherboard also supports realtek alc898 audio. I am using a GA-z87x-ud4h mobo without a DSDT. I have the alc898 and HDAEnabler drivers installed from multibeast and VoodooHDA v2.8.4 driver. I installed the voodoo driver when I...
  2. ryanc116

    Audio is not working on Mavericks with Multibeast Realtek Patch

    Hi Forum I have recently installed mavericks and my sound is not working even with the Realtek Audio w/ HDA fix from multibeast installed. It does detect devices and I have tried the green Audio Output in the back to no avail. Any help would be very much appreciated and I am a real hackintosh...
  3. ryanc116

    B85M-HD3 Audio devices detected but no Audio

    I'm running a B85M-HD3 with The Realtek ALC887 Audio Drivers installed. My Headphones show up in the output list but I hear absolutely no Audio. I'm new to Hackintoshing and I would really appreciate some help. Thanks
  4. cyberzzz

    looking for dsdt file for msi h55m e33 with amd hd7770

    Hi there, I managed to get everything installed and everything seems fine after I ran multibeast without dsdt. The only thing not working is sound and my graphics card is is identified as Amd HD 7xxx 1024mb so I do not know if my graphics card is fully recognised. Can someone please help me with...
  5. yprat

    ethernet problems

    Hi guys i'm trying to setup my 1st Hackintosh and everything works perfect exept ethernet. I have the ASUS P5KPL-AM Motherboard and OSX Mavericks. After install i use the Realtek - AppleRTL8169Ethernet driver provided from Multibeast and it's working good for a while until it crashes and it...
  6. j1and1

    HELP! RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller not working at all

    So i have finally got my Hp pavilion g6 running with mac os x 10.7.5 will upgrade later, but my problem is the ethernet adapter..... my wireless card isn't supported.... but ethernet adapter is.... so i decided that i don't need wireless for now, but my ethernet adapter won't even show up in...
  7. 12bitrec

    Network issues/Chimera issues.

    Dear all. I recently build a Mountain Lion on an Asus P8Z77 V LE board but have encountered a very irritating issue. My system seems to work flawlessly beside this annoying problem. In order to get my network card to work properly I need to use the -v -f tags everytime I boot the system. I...
  8. Pappnase

    Mavericks: No Audio device, No Graphicdrivers - ASUS P8Z77-V LX

    Hi, I'm new in this forum. I have the first time Mac OS X installed on my computer, and I'm in trouble. Audio: I've tried the most of the Audio drivers in MultiBeast 6.0.0. I don't know what i should choose…? There are 2 Ports for Audio-Out/In. One in the front of the case, and one backside...
  9. kelabs

    DSDT For MSI X58 Pro-E Motherboard

    I have tried a few kexts for audio and all don't seem to work except VooDoo which is super quiet and sounds horrible. I am hoping someone could help me out and create a DSDT for me, my motherboard uses the RealTek ACL889 codec. I have tried installing this ACL889 kext with Multibeast but that...
  10. bikotoru

    no working ALC269 - Mavericks and Mountain Lion

    Dear Install OS X ML and MV to my notebook Samsung R580, which has i3 processor, geforce 330m 512mb, Realtek ALC269 audio and Atheros AR9285 as wifi adapter By installing everything worked fine, the system is stable, I recognized the video card, the resolution is optimal, but can not run the...
  11. nponzo

    Help me Please! I'm a noob!!!

    Hi! I'm a noob in problems :P I installed ML on my PC. Mother: MSI P45 Neo-f Micro: Core 2 Duo E8400 Video: Nvidia 9600GT Everything works fine, except the audio. This mother has ALC888 audio chipset. I'd try to install it using Multibeast, but nothing happend :( I'd read a lot about DSDT and...
  12. TheAceOfSpades

    Hard Drive Problems on Start Up

    My Hackintosh works perfectly fine aside from two problems, the internet (I have a gigabyte mobo. addressing this problem elsewhere), and the boot up with hard drives. My hackintosh lags at boot to the point of not starting up sometimes when i boot with hard drives plugged in. To clarify...
  13. jakedeburiatte

    Help Please! - Sleep and Audio in OSX Mountain Lion

    Okay, So my first post, and have had to resort to this, as i can't find an answer that works anywhere... I've never built a hackintosh before, but recently started playing around with the idea - first i ran Snow Leopard, and everything worked (audio etc.) But as all the other computers in the...
  14. drfnord

    Weird connection errors

    I'm having problems connecting to VPN using Tunnelblick. I've excluded Tunnelblick itself as the problem, since it turns out that I can't even ping the VPN service address ( Trying to do so results in: ping: cannot resolve Unknown host The same...
  15. Yamdajam

    Audio Help!!!!!!

    Mobo:P5BW-LA Processor: Intel Core2 Quad HDD:1 TB Hitachi Ram:3.5 g I have a Realtek ALC885. I installed the driver on Multibeast, but it didnt work. What can I do? I also have a creative studio SB0770 sound card, but I can not find the driver for that card anywhere online. Please HELPP...
  16. silvalooky

    Need kext of Network RealTek RTL8101/2/3 for 10.8.x

    Hi guys, I have osx 10.8.2, is there any kext for Network RealTek RTL8101/2/3 in foxconn intel platform?? :cry:
  17. parallel

    RealtekRTL81xx.Kext (version 0.0.90) Location to fix WOL 10.8.3

    Hi All, I hunted around and could only find posts on threads that dated back significantly (2011) so my apologies if I missed a more recent thread for a better location (please feel free to relocate this as required). After painstakingly train for hours to get WoL working on the Intel 82579...
  18. kekec995

    NEED HELP FAST! [P5Q Deluxe]

    I can't get audio to work. I installed ML and all works like a charm on my rig but Audio and WLAN. I can get Ethernet connection so I will just plug the cable and finish the job with internet but what concerns me the most is audio. I installed some kexts for AD2000B but after I install them...
  19. gman45

    [SOLVED] Sound

    I have successfully updated to 10.8.2 on my machine. However the sound doesn't work. I have the Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard. I have tried many different realtek versions. On 10.8.1, Realtek 889 worked but now it doesn't. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!
  20. bbehnke

    EDUP USB WIFI install help

    I have recently purchased a EDUP EP-N8508 USB wifi adapter, however everytime i try to install drivers on ML the install fails. When i restart my computer the Third Party Wireless Utility tells me to enable my wlan card. There are no configurations in Network preferences. If anyone has...