realtek alc887 codec

  1. marcosfigueiredojuni

    No audio (Realtek ALC887)

    I have an Ryzen 3 3200G GA-A320M-S2H 16 gb - 240 Kingston SSD RX 580 8G Wise Tiger Wifi adaptor Please help me I have successfully installed mac os Monterey but I not able to use the sound. I installed with opencore. Tks
  2. beijing1998

    Request help!!!!realtek ALC887

    我是来自中国的用户。安装10.13.6时,只驱动声卡。我尝试了很多方法,最新的appleleac 1.39,而且我没有注入很多代码。还是无法开车,帮助论坛里的每一位老师。
  3. Fuduli28

    Audio not there after restart

    Good day everyone! I use kext utility and run the realtekalc.kext in the folder audio_cloveralc-master that i downloaded and reboot the sound works but after i reboot i have to run the utility again and restart to get my audio working again. This is a royal pain how do i fix it? Please help i am...
  4. ninety-six

    No sound (Realtek ALC887 codec)

    So far everything is working except no audio when following the El Capitan guide. I'm trying to do searches to fix, but it's difficult for me to understand where to start, so it's hard to troubleshoot. Can someone provide the solution or guide me in the right direction? What can should...
  5. priteshdesai

    Multibeast doesn't add audio kexts

    I did a full install of ML today. I used the same DSDT which I had used for Lion. I accidentally installed Voodoo and other audio drivers for 'without dsdt'.. After realising that I should have used 'with dsdt' I tried that option. My Audio is Realtek ALC887 codec I've deleted voodoo and...