1. BlvckBytes

    Random panics on boot

    Hello! To be honest... I don't understand how something like this can happen at all. Why do panics occur randomly? Shouldn't the system be in a definite state all the time? Or maybe it has something to do with the state it gets put in when shutting down... Okay, now to the topic: Before those...
  2. digitaljames

    Hackintosh randomly starts to lag after some usage

    I have HP Elitebook 840 G4 running the last version of High Sierra, after some usage, the interface and the audio starts to stutter, it starts randomly. The only way to stop is restarting. Is there a way to find out what's going on?
  3. Egor.tnt

    Random reboot or hang with mouse cursor moving in FCPX

    Hi, I have got issue with random reboot or (system freeze with mouse cursor moving) or (hang with black screen and gpu fan full speed) in Final Cut during export. Not every export but quite often. Mojave 10.14.3, FCPX 10.4.5, latest Whatevergreen and Lilu in EFI /other. GPU – Sapphire pulse Vega...
  4. kyzouik

    Random Reboot

    Hello there, I have a lot of random reboots. I can’t remember since I have this issue, I guess it’s since I updated the NWD or Clover. The computer reboot/crash randomly: navigating on safari, using one or two screens, using 3D software = at any time… Do you know how I can fix this situation...
  5. pool92

    [Solved] Random reboot while boot with clover

    Hi to everybody, this is my first topic in this Forum and i'm sure that you will have the solution for me :mrgreen: (hope) I had Sierra before update at High Sierra and the Hackintosh had not problems. My configuration is: Asus Z270 Mark 1 Intel i7-7700K (Not OC) iGPU RAM G-Skill 3000MhZ...
  6. GodHawk

    Kernel Panic - Graphics Related - Please help?!

    Hello Hive Mind! I'm having an issue where I keep getting a random restart and a kernel panic. I've tried everything I know of and am out of ideas. I've attached the 3 most recent kernel panic logs here for your viewing pleasure. You can see one was using Adobe Premiere Pro, and the others were...
  7. HerbertFrentzel

    [Solved] High Sierra installation resets at random intervals

    Hello, this is my second build. The first one with Sierra worked just fine but now i tried to make a High Sierra build. My Hardware: Gigabyte H270M-DS3H with BIOS ver. f8d, SanDisk 120GB SSD, 8GB Kingston HyperX, Nvidia 8800 GTS. During the installation the system resets at random intervals. I...
  8. srvdplas

    Random disk/volume corruptions on Sierra

    He guys, I've been having alot of random disk corruptions of my OSX Volume with Sierra 10.12.6 I've been experiencing this problem at random for a long time now, and i've seen to have found a quick fix by simply making an 1:1 clone, which is on an external usb 3.0 disk and then repair the...
  9. Falxo

    GTX 980 Causing Random Freezes and Reboots

    Hello, As the title suggests, my computer will, at random moments, completely seize up, the sound will stutter for a second or so, and then reboot. I am not an expert on these sort of stuff, but I think that's what we call a kernel panic. This started happening after I upgraded from my old GTX...
  10. seb-p

    Random usb drives not working

    Hi guys, I just almost totally succeed my first hackintosh install on Sierra 10.12.6 with a i7 7700K, GA-Z270P-D3 motherboard and GTX 1080 (thanks for tonymacx86 threads for helping me fixing boot black screen :D) It's almost done the only thing is that for some reason some usb key or external...
  11. moshin

    Boot life is like a dice game. Dell T3600, Sierra 10.12

    So, thanks for entertaining all the noob questions. I've learned a lot about clover, which was new to me. So it wasn't for nothing. I am in an interesting position. With the stock machine, I have dual displays via displayport on the quadro, Sleep, as well as the on board ethernet working. I...
  12. Alex-85

    Safari freezes El Capitan

    Good evening! First I have to say: Thank you all for the great site and installation help I got here! :) I got my first Hackintosh running with the Guide from @tonymacx86 and used a old prebuild PC for the whole thing. The PC specs are: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz...
  13. ammutable

    Random Kernel Panic on 10.12.2

    Hi, I´ve a legacy build that have been updated through several OS versions, I´m now on 10.12.2. Everything works fine, but I´ve randomly kernel panic, this happens both when working on the machine but also during sleep. I´ll start collecting the logs from now on, to figure out if there are...
  14. JoaquinSanchiz

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 random freeze [SOLVED]

    Hi tonymac family. I purchased the 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 graphic card one year ago, and since I upgraded to macOS Sierra, it is suffering from random freezes. It normally freeze with twitter videos and twitch (watching a twitch video makes my mackintosh freeze), but now it is getting...
  15. PetersenHansen

    Random Reboots - Problem with Z97 motherboard?

    I've noticed that my desktop often reboots over night, or when I've been away for from it for a day or so. Sometimes it'll reboot just after I log in, and sometimes for no discernible reason at all. I searched around and found a thread here that suggests it might be a fault with the...
  16. wadesaunders

    Random "snow" on my screen

    Hey guys, my hackintosh has been working fine, it's an i3, 12gb of ram and a gtx560 graphics card, it's has been running beautifully but now my screen randomly cuts to "snow" like tvs had when they lost reception, I've tried booting with different boot loafers and with graphicsenaber=no but has...
  17. tbjem0013

    Random Freezing, Can't use mouse or keyboard.

    I've seen other threads reporting random freezing, but many of them are able to move the mouse. I am using Clover to boot to El Capitan. I'll be editing in Final Cut Pro X and then it will randomly freeze. Mouse doesn't move, keyboard doesn't work. Sometimes I can't even restart or shut down...
  18. ninety-six

    El Capitan randomly freeze but mouse can still move

    Hi all, The computer will randomly freeze with the mouse still able to move but not able to click into anything. I have to restart the computer every time, but I'm not sure where to start for troubleshooting. Please advise, thanks! CPU: Intel i3-4170 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B85M-DS3H-A...
  19. 11212

    Intel HD3000 artifracts, freezes.

    Hi! I have random artifracts/freezes with Intel HD3000. There is injected EDID, slide=0 bootflag, patched AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext (same freezes with vanilla). What I'm doing wrong? Here is the log: 2015. 11. 11. 11:50:42,000 kernel[0]: stampWait: Overflowed checking for stamp 0x9b34fd on...
  20. drfl3tch

    Random Freezes

    Hi guys, I built a dual boot rig in about April and ever since then, when using Mac OSX, the computer will randomly freeze (Windows is 100% rock solid). No matter what I'm doing, what's running, or if I'm not doing anything at all, it will inevitably freeze. Whether it's 10 seconds after boot...