rampage iv black edition

  1. shilohh

    i7-4930K - Asus Rampage IV Extreme - 32GB RAM - GTX 770 4GB [Success!!]

    Shilohh's Build for Eric: i7-4930K - Asus Rampage IV Extreme - 32GB GSkill Ram - GTX 770 4GB Clover bootloader Updated for macOS Sierra. Updated to work with the Rampage IV Black Edition because the R4E has limited availability now. Users of other Asus X79 boards except for the X79D, can try...
  2. rudyvanbebu

    ASUS P9X79-E WS vs ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition for new build

    Hi, I´m building a new system next week and I still can´t decide on which motherboard to get. I’m now between Asus X79 P9X79-E WS and Asus X79 Rampage IV Black Edition Motherboard. I’ll use any of those with a 4930k, and a GTX 770 or a GTX 780 if the budget allows me :) My main concern is if...