radeon hd 6670

  1. jackblack87

    Radeon HD 6670 HDMI Port Problem

    hey guys, lately i tried to plug an hdmi cable on my Radeon HD 6670 (which has both hdmi and dvi) with no success. i'd like to connect the hdmi port with my tv (while the dvi is still connected to my monitor). is it achievable, that i connect both the tv and the monitor at the same time (to...
  2. superstargoddess

    [Radeon 6xxx] White Screen of Death During Install Fix!

    For any of you out there having this problem while trying to boot from the usb to do your ML install, and you get the white screen of death, I have the fix for you! (Radeon 6xxx) I know that with my Radeon card, it was driving me nuts that every time I tried to boot from the usb, it would...