r7 200

  1. enrysnemeth

    [GUIDE] How To Make r7 AMD GPU Series Work On High Sierra

    Hi, My name is Enrys and today i want to make a guide for anyone who have one "old" AMD GPU like R7 Series (r7 250 etc) or even HD Series (HD 7750 etc). I wanted to make this guide because i try to find a method online but nothing. In my case i have a r7 250 3GB ddr3 from Sapphire. The method is...
  2. vluan7

    AMD R7 250 Blue Screen

    I’m trying to use Mac OS Sierra on my desktop, I installed, but when I try to boot, the screen go blue. I asked for help in a Hackintosh Facebook group and they passed for me a EFI folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qktmo155ecjysra/EFI%203.zip?dl=0 My actual specification is: AMD R7 250E 2gb...
  3. adderr

    Yellow screen + cursor after installation.

    Hi Guys, So i recently decided to install mac os sierra on my work machine for development at my new job. All the parts looked fine from what I could find online. I need to get everything installed asap so I can begin but I have hit a road block. Parts: i5 6600k Asus H110M-A/M.2 AMD r7 250 8GB...
  4. jm0018

    AMD R7 200 series: Can it working with Yosemite?

    Hello! I recently tried my hand at this, and when I finally got it to a point of resembling working (I didn't mold my build to revolve around being a Hackintosh), the graphics are really wonky. Logging in, there's no fade effect, just a flurry of white lines going down the screen. While...