1. Vinnie1

    << Solved >> DSDT Battery Patch For HP Pavilion 15-p004na

    Hi all, I am trying to patch my DSDT so that my battery will show up, but I don't quite understand how to do it. I have looked at the RehabMan guide for it but I cannot make heads or tails of it. Are there any patches already available that are similar to my laptop or is there a way to make...
  2. roederja

    Fan speed and temperature monitor on Navi GPUs

    Does anyone know how to get fan speed and temperature read outs to work on Navi GPUs like the RX5600 XT? I read somewhere that people got it to work using FakeSMC instead of VirtualSMC, but elsewhere I read that Apple made reading fan speed and temperature impossible in their driver.
  3. trongng

    How i can install catalinaOS in my PC?

    Hi all, i'm newbie I have pc with: CPU: I5-9400f Card: GTX 1050TI 2GB 1FAN Mainboard: Main Giga B365D2V RAM: 16GB Kington DDR4 SSD: 1 120GB, 1 240GB kington I try research but i don't know how to install it. I wan't to learn swift. Please help me Thanks so much!
  4. Mitai

    Will it run on this hardware?

    Hi all, is it possible to install something on this hardware? I was on two forums, tried to install Catalina and nothing happened... Health to all! QuadCore Intel Core i7-2700K, 3800 MHz (37 x 103) Asus P8B75-V nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
  5. GordonFreeman1

    MiniPC intel i5 /i7 hackintosh compatible

    Hi everyone, I recently joined in this fantastic forum, I have two mini pc desktop and I wanted to try to install a version of osx: 1) Zotac zbox En760 with: -CPU i5 4200U -Nvidia GTX 860m + Intel HD 4400 -8 GB of RAM 2) Shuttle XH97V with : CPU-i7 4790T -Intel HD 4600 -16 GB of RAM wifi USB...
  6. Iorkca

    Can someone give me advice on this PC i aquired

    Looking to see if this PC i was given would be able to be made into a hackintosh. Ive attached the DXDiag. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Xbit18

    How to transfer successful HDD install on SSD?

    Hi everyone, I finally managed to install High Sierra on a spare HDD I had laying around. Audio works, ethernet works, GPU card works and is recognized by the system. It seems to work perfectly so far. Now, let's say I want to "transfer" this installation on an SSD bought specifically for this...
  8. gabrycosta04

    use iGPU without nvidia card enabled

    I wanted to use only the iGpu without the nvidia card because the 1660 is not supported. How could I do it, is it possible to do it? Hardware Mobo: MSI B360M Gaming Plus CPU: I5 8400 RAM: Corsair vengeance 8GB (4x2) SSD: 2x Drevo 256gb
  9. ironclaw799

    Budget Build, Need help!

    Hi, I am looking to build a budget hackintosh for around $220 BUT I ONLY NEED CPU, RAM and motherboard, I have the rest. I am more than happy to go the used route (aliexpress or at a push eBay) something like a old 6 core Xeon maybe? More power the better not looking for it too look good. Anyway...
  10. denny76

    Q: Asus Z87-Pro + onboard Bluetooth + sleep?

    Is anybody still running Mohave on this mo-bo? The question I have is regarding built-in bluetooth/wifi combo AR9642. Is it possible to use the on-board bluetooth (nevermind the wi-fi) yet have a fully working sleep behavior? Everything works fine for me except from that. When I exclude built in...
  11. cri1998stortix


    Hi, I've bought a Xiaomi Mi gaming, and I would like to know how to turn it into hackintosh, I saw that a notebook guide is already present, but Xiaomi gaming has the 1060 th gtx, so I d like to get it accepted by hackintosh. How do you do it? Someone could do it, if you did, how?
  12. Spacecowboy

    Allround Hackintosh [First Build] seeking guidance and advice

    Hello there Party People! So here it is, Thread #1000x about the holy grail of building a self chosen system under macOS. Meet the Hackintosh; Asus Prime Z370-A i5-9600K Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8GB OC G.SKILL RGB 3000 MHz 16GB (undecided) Samsung 860 EVO 500GB (x2 - macOS & Windows) WD Blue...
  13. Danpan2001

    Not enough DVMT for QHD display

    So I have a QHD'ish display on my laptop. (3000x2000). Rehabman's guide states that for the display to work, we need to set the DVMT to 96MB or 128MB. However, my laptop only goes up to 64MB max. Is this a dead end for the screen? Is there any work around? IntelDVMTfixup kext is only for the...
  14. elias03120

    Bluetooth Keyboard not pairing

    I bought the Microsoft Designer keyboard(because I also use Windows on my hackintosh) but I cannot get it to pair. The keyboard works fine on windows, my MacBook and even my ipad. All other Bluetooth devices pair normally on the hackintosh. I am using a usb Bluetooth dongle. I tried most...
  15. Hellsome

    Converting Acer Predator helios 300 into hackintosh

    Hello guys ! I have a acer predator helios 300 , which I use for productivity . There are some applications which are macOS only and I want to run them , so I have this laptop as a spare one and was thinking that would the components of this machine would be compatiable with a hackintosh .Specs-...
  16. alonekingzx

    [dell inspiron 15 7559 i5] stuck at 2 lines when boot with battery

    as the title. I can't get my laptop boot with battery :( everytime i want to boot to hackintosh i have to unplug the battery. i've tried to patch ACPI using DSDT. you know, it's not working at all error is: OsxAptioFixDrv: starting overrides... (sorry for my bad english) but can you help me...
  17. PlayReissLP

    [Solved] Why is my Hackintosh lagging (High Sierra) ?

    I have a Question. My Hackintosh lags whenever i open programs or chrome. The Animations are not smooth and Videos lag when i maximize or minimize them. I want an smooth Hackintosh, because this is not my first one, the other one ran completely fine. Can somebody help me ? Specs: Graphicscard...
  18. varun.s1118

    Do all parts work with each other?

    I'm thinking of building a hackintosh for the first time. I was wondering, Do all parts on this website work with each other for hackintosh builds or do only certain parts work with each other?
  19. vadan1234

    [Question] Installing a new hackintosh with 10.12.4

    Hello, I am new at hackintosching and I have a big (albeit mabe stupid) question: When trying to install 10.12.4, should I just directly download the update dmg and use clover on it (The one from here or should I use a 10.12 dmg (if I can find...
  20. charlietuo

    A few questions about my 10.12 Dell Optiplex 780 Hackintosh

    Hi all, I have a Dell Optiplex 780 Desktop that I turned into a Hackintosh. Everything is okay so far, other then a few things; I cannot buy a Wifi adapter at this point in time because my router is far away from my Hackintosh and long range adapters are very expensive, far more then I want to...