1. ericdong886

    Black Screen on Login

    Hi all, I have a Huawei Matebook X Pro(UHD 620) and I patched graphics but the computer screen doesn't work... The display is 3000x2000 so technically QHD, but the thing is, I can't change the DVMT value in BIOS because it's apparently rewrite proof (even EFI shell doesn't work)... So right...
  2. bloodman376

    [solved] macOS Sierra - Issues with HD 5500 QHD+ Display (Asus UX303LA)

    I've been trying to install Sierra on my laptop and had a few issues here and there but I managed to get a lot of things working. Currently the display is having a lot of issues and I've read a couple of guides which use EDID and different patches but nothing has really worked so far. If I use...
  3. derMaggus

    [solved] Black Screen with QHD+ IPS Notebook

    Hi @all, i'am the unlucky one at this time. I bought an Asus UX305FA with QHD+ IPS Display. I got nearly everything working expect the Display. The UX305FA has an Core M-5Y10c Prozessor with Intel HD 5300, 8GB RAM The Display Resolution is 3200x1800 Pixel My BIOS VRAM ist set to 128MB For...
  4. the-darkvoid

    [Guide] Dell XPS 9530 using Clover UEFI

    No longer maintained I have since moved to El Capitan Following is a guide to run Yosemite (10.10.5) on a Dell XPS 9530 (Bios revision A09). The Dell XPS 15 (9530) is a MacBook Pro look-a-like laptop with a QHD+ touchscreen. As such it is a very suitable laptop to be used as a Hackbook...