1. mizznfizz

    1440p monitor recommendation

    Building a Hackintosh as we speak and looking at what is the “hot” budget monitor right now. Would like a 27” monitor is possible but anything down to 21” is fine. Been running a mid-2011 iMac since and it has been fine for my normal usage. Won’t be gaming on this machine. Specs are ASRock...
  2. ericdong886

    Black Screen on Login

    Hi all, I have a Huawei Matebook X Pro(UHD 620) and I patched graphics but the computer screen doesn't work... The display is 3000x2000 so technically QHD, but the thing is, I can't change the DVMT value in BIOS because it's apparently rewrite proof (even EFI shell doesn't work)... So right...
  3. bragur

    2560x1440 QHD Display with HD3000?

    Hey there! I recently bought a new display (Dell U2715H) for my laptop and wanted to check how it plays with my Hackintosh. To my disappointment the computer boots up and the Apple boot screen finishes booting and then just a gray screen, nothing, both HDMI and DP. So if I have both my monitors...
  4. maor10

    Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Hackintosh

    Hello, I need to urgently install Mac (any version) on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. I read through a lot of the posts, but to be honest, I really don't understand most of the stuff being said, my knowledge in this stuff isn't great. What I could understand, was that the QHD display is the real issue...