1. fatumpch69

    Nvidia GTX480 - No QE/CI in Yosemite 10.10.1

    Hello All, For the last couple of years the GTX480 has wonderfully gone along pumping out QE/CI - with the top task bar showing transparency wonderfully. Only just noticed that since moving from Maverick that this has now gone? After much hair pulling out - and a completely clean re-install -...
  2. chiefgamer1

    HD 4600 Mobile No QE/CI: Display 5mb

    Hello there, I am having some problems with HD 4600 Mobile and getting QE/CI enabled. My org.chameleon.boot.plist shows this: And here is my ioreg: I have tried to patch with Pikes guide but still no QE/CI
  3. Hawxxer

    HP Pavilion DV6 - 6xxx (6115eg) - Mavericks - Intel HD 3000 No QE/CI

    Hi Community, I decided to install Macintosh on my DV6-6115eg. I read a lot how to get there. I downloaded Installer APP (Mavericks) via the Store and flashed it on a 8Gb Stick via Unibeast (4.0.2). Installation works fine after some tries (bootflags etc..) So I boot from Unibeast Stick into...
  4. bangladesh

    QE/CI on 10.9 with GMA950 how to?

    hi all, does anyone know how to enable QE/CI on 10.9 with GMA950?
  5. Romichhh

    Impossible to get HD3000 working with Z68AP-UD3 and i7 2700K on Moutain Lion 10.8.4

    Hello, One year ago I managed to run Lion on this computer with HD3000 working and some months ago the computer crashed and I didn't try to find why. But 3 days ago I decided to install Moutain Lion thinking it would be easy because Lion worked. Everything's okay except that I can't get HD3000...
  6. geeks4dummies

    Intel HD Graphics (0x0156) - 10.8.3+ Kext Won't Load

    Hey guys, I would be forever grateful for some help with this. I've read every post about this chipset/GPU and I feel I'm so close to QE/CI but something just isn't working. I've tried every IgplatformID, I've tried custom DSDT patch, and I've tried switching MEI-ID. My primary issue is the...
  7. excalibre

    Help with QE/CI on 8400GS 512mb Lion

    Hi Members, I am having a real nightmare getting QE/CI working on my XFX 8400 GS (06e410de) card. I have put the dev id in NVDANV50 and resman kexts and used graphics enabler=yes to try and get it working I have successfully got full resolution at 1680x1200 but no QE/CI I have also...
  8. jonahback

    HD4000 Graphics Qe/Ci problems. I3-3225 with h77n-wifi motherboard.

    My new Hackintosh is having some problems with hardware acceleration. It recognizes the graphics card in about this mac, as HD4000 with 512 mb. However, some animations are laggy and hd video is extremely slow. I've also gotten a warning in VLC about not having Quartz. Installed using MultiBeast...
  9. TheConnactic

    Anyone skilled in disassembling/hex editing?

    We're working to add Quartz Extreme/Core Image support to an Intel integrated graphics card closely related to the GMA950 family. The card in question is the GMA3150. For this task, we choose to work with the 10.7.x GMA950 kext, only because it's the one with we're getting better results until...
  10. DeviousFusion

    Dell 15R N5010-QE/CI trouble

    Dell 15R N5010-QE/CI trouble- ATI Radeon 5470 Hey guys! Just installed Mountain Lion on my 15R with core i3-350 and ati radeon 5470(512mb), and found that GraphicsEnabler=Yes just wont work. I still get 1024x768 resolution. I used to get full QE/CI with Lion, but nothing of that sort with ML...