qe/ci/ graphics

  1. mario9511

    How To do to run a Nvidia GeForce Gt 210 with QE/CI on High sierra?

    I have this graphic Card, that works and let the system start , but I can't see Video in high resolution, and many lights appear when i use the system, it's really annoying! I have installed both nvidia web drivers and other kexts, but the problem is always here... The sistem notice me an...
  2. 8BitHusky

    QE/CI problem on 710

    Hello, am running sierra on a optiplex 780 with a pny gt 710. I followed a step by step guide here. My machine boots fine and actually shows that the pny 710 is recognized I have attached a link with proof. My issue is when I am doing anything that relates to video it artifacts and slows alot...
  3. CaptainFrosty7

    No QE/CI Intel HD4600 Need Help

    Hello I have an Intel 4770k processor and I am trying to run the 4600 for my graphics. I have tried almost everything to get it to work and I cannot. I am using the Clover bootloader. I have researched through this forum and through Google. My About this mac said that i have 7mb of graphics...