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  1. SujitHifi

    Solved > Help: Dell Optiplex 7010 Intel HD 4000 no QE/CI or Metal support on Mojave

    Hello Friends, I am a huge fan of this forum. I followed the following hackintosh build guide for my Dell Optiplex 7010 with Core i5-3475S with Intel HD 4000 and FHD Dual monitors on 2 DP ports...
  2. 3abdo3asal

    Graphics QE/CI .....Portege z830

    Hello i have finally got to installing my first elcapitan mackintosh on my Toshiba Portege Z830: i3 2367m,3000hd ,6gb ram ,128gb sad ,audio ALC269Q,wifi AR9285, bluetooth ar3011 , i have got some of the simple things working like actually booting. :)P) ,native resolution ,wifi <<WB195...
  3. jagdishar78

    i3-4130 HD 4400 Graphics Almost Working

    I had no choice but to use i3-4130 which has HD 4400. I did not had a replacement offer to get HD 4600. System: Gigabyte G-H87N-WIFI (Bios Updated to F8) (All BIOS settings at default) CPU i3-4130 with HD4400 graphics (No vt-d to disable in bios as this cpu does not have it) 8 GB RAM OSX...