1. freesearch

    Aborted build; delete thread

    [delete post] [delete thread]
  2. bufferOverflow

    Is performance noticeable with NVMe SSD

    I have recently purchased a Samsung 850 EVO 512GB SSD and want to replace my existing slow SSD with this one. But I read High Sierra will have native NVMe SSD support, making Hackintosh easier to install. I'm contemplating whether I should return the Samsung EVO and wait for few months to...
  3. Spencer7220

    Can't download the installer

    I can't download the installer for macOS Sierra on my genuine Mac, so I can't really create a Unibeast bootable drive to use on other computers. I get the error shown below when I try to download it from the Mac App Store. Is there any way to get around this or download it from Apple another way?
  4. JaapKnasterhuis

    Snow Leopard Dvd is not available anymore

    Hi I'm a Newbee, When I wanted to purchase the snow leopard dvd, it is nog available anymore (in Europe) I can only purchase a contentcode for Mountain Lion. Because I want to make a build from scratch I need SL for iBoot. Is it posible to download (for example by a friend) El Capitain and use...
  5. khung

    How to buy (by downloading) full OS-X Mountain Lion without owning a Mac

    I want to build a Hackintosh system but I have never own a Mac. I went to the Apple App store and found that Mountain Lion can ONLY be purchased through direct download from the App store BUT you need to have a Mac and go to the iTune to buy and download. I have iTune on my Windows 7 PC but...