1. NikoElGamer

    Troubles with trackpad on High Sierra.

    I've installed MacOs 10,13,6 with Clover, but I have troubles with my PS2 Elan trackpad, because I have VoodooPS2Controller kext injected on Clover, and when system boots perfectly, the keyboard works until I touch the trackpad, doesn't matter if is an only touch, a button press or anything...
  2. wildanbaraja

    DSDT for Touchpad Synaptics PS2

    Hi all, i need some help, can you take a look at my dsdt.aml, is there anything wrong? right now my problem is with the trackpad, it's not sensitive and not smooth, happening to with mouse when scrolling (i use SmoothScroll app to smoothen mouse scroll). laptop x220 spec : CPU : Intel core i5...
  3. LogaN4ik

    [Solved] PS2 keyboard not working

    Hi. Help me please with install Mojave.. My PS2 keyboard doesn't working in clover r4630. I put VoodooPS2controller.kext at "Other" folder on clover, but nothing. Also in HighSierra my keyboard work while I boot from clover installed on HDD, but when I boot from usb clover - nothing.. What can...
  4. norwayRainyday

    [solved] How to set touchpad drag delay to zero in High Sierra?

    Hi Have used this for months without any problem but since i've installed 10.13.6 it no works any more. MacBook-Pro:~ me$ ioio DragExitDelayTime 0 ioio: setting property 'ApplePS2SynapticsTouchPad:DragExitDelayTime' as number to 0 (0x0) @RehabMan, need your help my man..
  5. cowcowpod

    [Help] Brightness keys don't "work" (DELL)

    Hi! So I've got this old dell N5050 that I've gotten mostly to work - brightness slider is present and working in SysPrefs, however upon pressing FN+F4/5 aka brightness keys, the HUD shows up, and the brightness either stays the same or increases. System details: macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Dell...
  6. magneto538

    Brightness keys PS2 remap

    I am trying to set up my brightness keys on the build as per my profile. I've been following this guide as reported by the FAQ but I'm not sure how to actually remap the keys (or, more specifically...
  7. spigandromeda

    Mechanics of keyboard kexts

    Hi, I have some problems to understand the mechanics of the keyboard driver. As far as I know there are two ways the laptop could use the keyboard: ACPI and PS2? Is that correct or is it always a combination of both? The VoodooPS2 Kext from RehabMan is used to make a PS2 connected keyboard...
  8. romsfreak

    [solved] Trackpad recognized as Mouse

    Hi, I've installed Sierra 10.12.3 successfully and everything works fine, incept of trackpad and keyboard. In the trackpad preference panel doesn't show it and so I think it is recognised as mouse (and I can't scroll or everything else). Also in the keyboard preference panel I can't edit...
  9. KaySWS

    [Success] Sierra 10.12.2, MSI P67A-G45, Intel i7 2600K, nVidia GTX285, 8GB

    KaySWS' Build: Sierra 10.12.2, MSI P67A-G45, Intel i7 2600K, nVidia GTX285, 8GB Note: this is NOT a new build, so the components might seem a bit outdated I'm sharing this build to show that it goes really well with Sierra! Components Intel Core i7 2600K Processor...
  10. oracle100

    USB not working on Clover boot screen

    Installed El Capitan on EP45-UD3L with the latest Unibeast. I cannot get the USB keyboard to work on Clover start screen. The keyboard works fine when in the BIOS stage. The only thing that works is a ps2 keyboard, but does not work once in El Capitan. Any ideas?
  11. hemanthsurya

    Ps2 keyboard not working

    I installed osx el capitan on my laptop everything is working fine except keyboard(laptop with ps2 keyboard ). I ran post installation tools and copied voodoops2controller.kext(not sure if i spelled it correctly) to s/l/e folder. Even then keyboard doesn't seem to work. Please help me with it...
  12. SimplyRyan

    efi driver for PS2 trackpad in clover boot environment?

    I've been looking for a solution for a while. I have one laptop, a thinkpad T440 that the trackpad functions properly in the clover bootloader (this is before boot when you select which partition to boot) On my other laptop, and MOST laptops I've tried for that matter -- the trackpad does not...
  13. FliccC

    El Capitan PS2 Keyboard kext?

    Hi, In past versions of MultiBeast i was able to select a PS2 kext in order to get my PS2 keyboard to work. In the latest version for El Capitan this options seems to be gone. Is there a way to enable PS2 support for Mac?
  14. paezchido

    Ps2 Keyboard Yosemite

    I tried installing the kext keyboard via kext install and easy MultiBeast 7.3 ps2 deleting files apple and still not make it work I manage my keyboard Download the latest driver and nothing :( VoodooPS2 ayudenme ga- z77 - DS3H i5 3570k 4gbram NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT
  15. LucasBTeles

    Crazy Trackpad

    Hello guys! First of all, sorry for my bad english. I'm brazillian. Yes, samba, ronaldo, bunda, carnaval, etc. Ok, I create this thread because I am two weeks ago trying to solve a problem with my Alps ps2 trackpad. I am using snow leopard 10.6.8 retail on a netbook, and I looked all over...
  16. infusion93

    Can't change Keyboard Mapping for PS/2 Keyboard

    Hey, I successfully installed OS X 10.9.4 on my Acer Aspire S3-391 but now I have a big problem. I can't use special characters. Instead e.g. Alt Gr+Q closes my windows and when I press Alt Gr+L, nothing happens. I already tried custom keyboard layouts. I have noticed that when I connect an...
  17. KruSion

    Yosemite install using clover, internet and PS2 keyboard not working.

    Hello, So I installed Yosemite using clover, installation was fine, except for my ps2 keyboard wasn't working so I ended up writing weird names for my account/password/bootup harddrive. But those can be fixed later. When I booted, and the setup was running asking me for my location etc. It...
  18. nathanwhs

    Using a PS2 keyboard on hackintosh with this? I only have a PS/2 keyboard and REALLY wanna keep it for my hackintosh that I'm creating out of my old PC. If I use this, will OSX...
  19. diper07

    PS2 keyboard doesnt work but usb mouse does work

    Hi Today I tried installing mac osx snow leopard by following this iboot tutorial. Everything went good until the very first mac osx installation window appeared (where it says to choose language). My keyboard was not working at all. The numlock/capslock were also not working they were frozen...
  20. Rahulsingh190

    USB/PS2 Mouse not working

    I download the OS X Mavericks app from the AppStore & Made a Bootable USB Drive using UniBeast & set SATA = AHCI XHCI = Auto Enabled CSM In the BIOS and booted the USB drive & OS X Installation Screen appeared using the GraphicsEnabler = Yes flag.. But the mouse was not working.. I tried both...