1. d112570

    High Sierra + HDMI + Random Black Flashes

    Hey guys, I have High Sierra install and everything works as expected, but the screen randomly blacks out then its normal again. High Sierra + GTX 1080. One HDMI Cable is connected to my Yamaha Receiver RX-V679. One Display Cable connected to my 4k Monitor. One Optical Audio Cable connected to...
  2. filigor94

    HDMI - VGA Adapter Instant Shutdown

    Yesterday, I just bought an hdmi-vga adapter, mainly, because of the projectors which can only be connected through vga. When my laptop is powered on and I put the adapter into the hdmi port it instantly shuts down, but if my laptop is powered off and I start it with the already placed adapter...
  3. ralab001

    El Capitan on HP Probook 4530s is working well but projector not!!

    Hi Experts I have followed the brilliant guide of installing El Capitan on HP Probook 4530s. Everything is working fine except, the projector. I have tried to connect a projector to the VGA port but it was not detected on the display settings. What is the solution or the workaroud? Regards Ra