prohibitory symbol

  1. axialbass

    Old Yosemite boot stopped working after bulding new Sierra drive.

    So I just built new Sierra boot drive, it all up and running. But now my Old Yosemite build dose not boot, I have tired it with the new Clover on the new Sierra drive an booting from the old Clover on the Yosmite drive. I have changed nothing in the the .confige of the old Yosmite drive and the...
  2. KurtABum

    Prohibited Sign Mojave

    Hi :3 I am new to this whole Hackintosh thing and decided I would try it on my old Toshiba laptop. - Toshiba Portege Z20t - Intel Core m5-6Y54 1.50 GHz - 8192MB Memory - 1 SSD 256GB (Currently running windows, to be erased to create Hackintosh) ANYWay.. I set up an installation USB using...
  3. SergeNu

    [Solved] Kaby Lake - Stuck on installation (OC 0.6.7)

    Hi guys! My problem. After I assembled the bootloader, made a USB flash drive with OC, booted, chose the installation, and the screen code stopped as shown in the pictures. Specs: Kaby Lake, i5-7400, Asus b150m-k, Quadro K420 Any suggestions?
  4. tommy1423

    Hp Pavillion aio error instalation

    I have tried many times to do the installation but I don't find the problem. the logo starts, loads but then puts a stop sign on me sorry for my English
  5. Ryckblick

    finishing old install from El Capitan to Sierra

    To make a long story short: Long long time ago I started an upgrade from my El Capitan to Sierra. It didn't quite work. The "Boot Install from HD" Option in Clover ended in an crossed circle. As El Capitan still worked I didn't care that much and thought "I'll finish, when I have more time..."...
  6. Chuckintosh

    My pc is dying now.

    I hope to install high sierra on my PC. It was mojave but i tried to install windows 10, so i changed some efi files following the korean guide of hackintosh dual booting. But it makes all problem. Now my pc is not able to boot or install something. Just i can see that photo. Now my pc has...
  7. kurogedelic

    HELP! Shows prohibited sign in install

    Hello I'm trying to clean install Catalina to my machine. but I encountered problems. It looks like stop at "Still waiting for root device" Mother: Asus H170 Pro with i7 GPU: MSI Radeon RX5500 XT Boot Option "dart=0 -v USBBugFix=Y" and tried "nv_disable=1" Catalina Installer boot from USB3...
  8. hamzatahirful

    Stuck on apple logo with full progress ar. I7 9700k gtx 950 msi z390 gaming plus

    Hi. I am having problems in reaching the install. It is stuck on apple logo with full bar loaded. Please help. Catalina version is 10.15.7. i tried with safe mode but it shows a circle. Please help.
  9. gherasima

    Installer is stuck at the Apple logo.

    I'm trying to install latest macOS Catalina on the same PC that was already installed after a disk replacement and the installer is stuck at the Apple logo. I remember that I had this issue last time and it was solved using a USB2 Disk drive because all USB3 Disk drive that I had make the...
  10. ZaRdEc

    Help for hackintosh ryzen 7 1700

    Hey guys, i need help, i'm installing MacOS, but as soon as the apple appears, load and a block sign appears. sorry for my English. my configurations asus prime A320M-K motherboard ryzen 7 1700 16gb ram rx580 saphire 8gb
  11. palets

    Prohibited sign at boot

    I've been trying to install hackintosh on my pc for a few days. The pendrive is successfully configured with UniBeast. When I start the pc I enter clover, select the disk and the apple with the loading line appears. But, after a few seconds, the forbidden sign appears and I can't do anything, I...
  12. ruasoftt

    Prohibition sign while installing El capitan

    Hi, I tried to install El Capitan with my bootable flash that I used before, but this time suddenly, after loading on Apple logo before installing, I saw a prohibited sign; what should I do?? I tried my bootable flash before, and it worked perfectly. idk, Why it doesn't work anymore?? Please...
  13. bendahsie96

    Attempting to boot into "Install macOS" leads to prohibitory symbol (10.14.6)

    (Hopefully I posted this in the right forum, I apologize if it went elsewhere) I am trying to install Catalina (10.15.6), up from Mojave (10.14.6) on my computer. I was able to download it and begin the installation process as normal. However, when I reboot my system and attempt to load into the...
  14. hann2709

    Solved > Boot Problem ("Prohibited sign")

    I have problems installing Catalina on my PC with the following hardware: Mainboard: Asus Prime Z390-P Processor: i5 9600K Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 270X Storage: Samsung 970Evo (500gb) I used this guide...
  15. PatrickH123

    Solved > Trying to upgrade from El Capitan "still waiting for root device"

    Hello, I am trying to upgrade from El Capitan to Catalina. I was trying to follow the following guide:, but I got stuck at booting the Catalina installer. I updated Clover to the latest version as well as FakeSMC and...
  16. faridt1965

    I keep getting a round circle with a slash across.

    Hi I am having an issue when I try to install hackintosh catalina on my Dell optiplex 7040 as I keep getting a round circle with a slash across. Dell optiplex 7040 SFF INTEL CORE I7 32GB DDR4 500GB NVME DRIVE Can you please assist me .
  17. Zap-adeeBOOM

    Stalled Install

    I've tried Clover for a week (tweaking BIOS and EFI) and then UniBeast - Both just stall after a few seconds. Verbose mode turns to garbage text on-screen after stalling, then the Circle with Slash appears. So, to test the hardware I tried installing Windows 10 and the same thing happened - very...
  18. johnheroy

    Trouble Installing on Z170S "Still waiting for root device"

    Hey folks, I'm trying to install Catalina on my older PC and followed the official guide here. The PC is as described in my profile but I took out my 980Ti. The plan is to buy an AMD card if I can get the Hackintosh up and running in a reasonable amount of time. I had an older OSX version...
  19. NikitaKurnosov

    Help Hackintosh won't boot OS Catalina, stuck after apple logo on crossed out circle

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to install OS Catalina, step by step following installation guide and got crossed out circle. Here is PC specs: msi night elf b150m, i7-6700k, msi GeForce gtx 1070 Attached some screenshots with -verbose flag. I would appreciate your help!
  20. kaktony

    Still waiting for Root Device

    Hey All , I have a Dual Boot (Windows + Mac EL Capitan) dell laptop 3542 i7, i use to have a Patched DSDT , Boot args for booting into my mac partition. Recently by mistake i updated the Dell BIOS version, which caused a problem into Booting so i downgraded it again and i reinstalled Windows 10...