prohibitory symbol

  1. nantoshin

    Gigabyte Z390 Aorus ultra Help!

    Hi I just assembled an i9 9900K with a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus ultra and Radeon Vega 64 but my usb flash drive made with unibest want to boot and stop with "Ø" symbol after the Apple symbol! (I also tried to boot with an SSD with last Mojavie installed that worked perfectly with my previous setup i7...
  2. bl00d9

    Keyboard and Mouse issue

    Whenever i'm trying to install mac mojave using clover, when the language selection appears, my mouse and keyboard doesn't work. What is the issue? Please help me regarding this. Tried using usb mouse and keyboard Also sometimes i get this thing while installation. Below is the attached file
  3. Leofreaks95

    Clover stop sign on Boot?!

    Hey, I'm trying to set up a Hackintosh right now. Whenever I try to boot my Hackintosh into the installation (Of course, USB Ownership and USB Injection enabled) a prohibitory symbol appears. I took some pictures of the Verbose output and hope someone can help me here?
  4. astefanov

    Just another case of "still waiting for root device" Mojave...

    Hi, guys! It's mine firs hackintosh attempt, aand it fails. After booting from Clover flash drive /prepared on MacBook Pro/, installation hangs with forbidden sign and last message: Still waiting for root device /I guess, it's blurred/. I attach screenshots. Please help, I read almost all...
  5. Wyderczak

    Prohibited sign

    Hello, last time i was trying to install os x catalina on my pc and after getting past the clover i had a loading screen with apple logo and after 50% of the loading bar the prohibited sign showed up. I tried plugging in usb to usb 2.0, turning on usb injection and usb ownership with usb in usb...
  6. togepi

    Reformatted hard drive before install, now I can't enter install screen

    I'm trying to do a clean install of Mojave on my ga-z270mx-gaming 5 that already has an old install of Sierra. I wiped the windows partition and then reformatted my os x partition in Disk Utilities. After, I had booted into the installer, chosen my language and then the computer restart by...
  7. nicevines2u

    Prohibited Sign at Compatibly check..

    I just tried installation on my new Build i5 9400, Asus Prime B365M-A, Corsair Ram 16Gb 3000mhz. It got stuck at Compatibly check. I already installed same Hackintosh with Asus Maximum vii Formula i7 4790k, everything works fine. But this new build have some issues, that I can't figure it out...
  8. Vivexx77

    Solved > [Solved] Installation error Do Not Enter

    Hi I find out how to boot usb installer MacOS High Sierra on my computer. Clover Legacy is working very well but when It's starting boot it after 1 minute I've got this Error. My PC: CPU: i7 2600 3.40 GHz GPU: GTX 750ti 2GB RAM: 8GB 1333Mhz DDR3 2 SSD drive 256GB 1 HDD drive 1TB Motherboard...
  9. JaqubR

    Solved > Prohibited sign on the bootup macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

    Hello, I wanted to create my own hackintosh on my pc. I chose high sierra for my nvidia gpu to work. My specs are as following: MB: MSI Z370 GAMING M5 CPU: i5-8600k @5Ghz GPU: GTX-960 I followed this guide...
  10. Erik1803

    I need help setting up my first Hackintosh

    Hello ;) I'm setting up my first Hackintosh - or at least I trying it. I have followed the steps outlined in this guide. However booting from the USB-Stick which I made bootable with UniBeast only leads to this screen: after giving the following "error": Im new to the forum and i just hope...
  11. joshlee247

    Stuck on Apple Screen with 10% Progress Bar

    Hi, this is my first build ever so please bear with me. I have followed the installation guide for desktops and i’ll boot up in clover with my USB and it gets stuck at the the progress bar with about 10%. The furthest it has gone was maybe 75% and then I get the “Prohibited Sign.” Please let me...
  12. MemeHCF

    Issues while trying to install Mac OS Mojave

    Hi there, I'm a first time hackintosher and trying to install Mac OS Mojave on my prebuilt Asus ROG G20AJ. When I boot the installer from USB, it begins to load then I get the prohibited sign and a garbled screen. If anyone has installed Mac OS on this machine then I would be delighted if you...
  13. PhantekED

    Install Help! Gigabyte z390m Gaming

    This is my first post, so go easy on me if I ask a stupid question. First time trying to build hackintosh, have read several posts, took my time to follow install guide for fresh Mojave install. I can boot to the clover boot menu, select my USB, get the Apple logo and install progress bar...
  14. herman.taljaard

    Stuck at the dreaded no entry sign

    I have successfully created a boot disk on a USB 2.0 drive and booting from a USB 2.0 port on my system. When I select the drive to boot from I have two entries for my USB drive. One is a UEFI partition and the second contains the Clover data. I can boot from this UEFI partition, get to the...
  15. kf0489

    Error (Prohibition Symbol) when booting from my hackintosh with my M.2 Corsair MP510 980 Gb

    after installing mojave in my hackintosh when I try to start it gives me error by putting a prohibition symbol. and avece says: (This version of Mac OS X is not supported on this platform). I need help to start ... please
  16. leosrds

    Solved > Mojave doesn't boot after first sleep (crossed circle)

    Hi guys ! I've just installed Mojave for the first time following the installation guide. I installed High Sierra a ton of times and never had this issue... Everything worked fine until my hackintosh goes to sleep and turn off. After reboot, i'm getting a crossed circle instead of the loading...
  17. Alexander14

    First time install error stuck at the Apple logo

    Hi sorry about this post this is my first time trying to install OSX into my PC I try to follow guide but seems like I stumble an error that I am not sure how to fix it when I boot the CLOVER bootloader and press Mojave it goes to the apple logo and it stuck like this picture below. I am not...
  18. Syren

    Can’t Boot Mac OSX Mojave From USB Drive

    Hello all, Just finished setting up bios after watching and reading a few guides. Now I’m having a difficult time attempting to boot the Bootable Mojave USB drive made with unibeast. Everytime I do it, I get a circle with a cross running through it (just like the attached photo). Anyone have any...
  19. theog1128

    Cross circle during install USB boot

    I keep getting this error. I have USB Ownership and USB Injection on and have these arguments: dart=0 nv_disable=1 -v and later added -x -s. I am using a USB 2.0 stick plugged into a USB 2.0 port on my motherboard.
  20. torchmedia

    Dell T3500 second part of installation failing

    Bios is updated to A17 Bios reset to factory default, then Drive mode changed to AHCI. I was able to get to the installer and begin the Mojave installer. After the first reboot, I got to Clover and selected "Install macOS from macOS" (the SSD) as you normally would. However, I am unable to...