prohibitory symbol

  1. ndocds

    Installation help needed please! 9600k + Gigabyte H370 3 + wifi

    Hello, I am having an issue with the installation. It gets about 75% complete and just sits there or has the circle with the cross through it. I think it might be something either installed or maybe an option that I did or didn't check. I went through the installation guide and ensured all that...
  2. 1twin


    Been trying to fresh install Catalina but no luck. Followed the setup guide all the way with BIOS and used Unibeast. I keep getting the Do No Enter sign situation after apple shows up. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Quillith

    Slash through on Catalina Install

    I'm currently reinstalling Catalina thanks to an issue with my nuc, and have been experiencing some problems. I followed the guides but install quits after the loading bar reaches full with a slash through circle. Verbose shows the same, with the last readable text being...
  4. nathantimothy

    No entry sign.

    Hi all, I’m using Clover to try and make my hackintosh, first time trying to. I set up my bootable drive and everything, however, when I boot from the USB port get this error here. Could you please help.
  5. wrgwetarsagte

    Forbidden symbol on installation (Need help)

    Hey guys, i started via the usb and i've got a not allowed symbol i dont know how to name it. What can I do?
  6. dirk

    Mojave reinstall won´t work?

    Hi, I´ve a Mojave install which always crashes on the same time, it stucks, and after a few seconds the display crashes. It isn´t my first install (these were alle sucessful) till now. But this time it crashes after the first reboot. What is exactly the problem, I´ve controlled the...
  7. blueridgedog

    Solved > Catalina Install = Prohibited symbol

    Trying to install on my ASUS Prime H370-Plus. I am trying a clean install. Tried thus far: Pure unibeast burn and install...prohibited, generic SSDT-EC.aml to EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/Patched...prohibited, current working Mojave patched SSDT copied to the installer...prohibited, every USB port on the...
  8. SkgSkg

    Solved > Catalina on Asus p6t se

    Hello, I am a new hackintosher, and it seems that I missed a lot of hackintoshing history :). I have an old PC with Asus p6t se mobo, i7 and HD7800 GPU. I followed guides from several sources (majorly from here) and searched various forums to troubleshoot my problem. I have 2 HDD and 1 M2 SSD...
  9. Quillith

    Running Verbose, shows circle with slash through! Any help appreciated

    Used the guides posted here, but upon install apple logo hangs. Having run verbose, a circle with a slash appears. I have screenshot the image so you can see what it looks like. Can post my efi folder if needs be. Would really appreciate any ideas as I am lost.
  10. DillonRaley

    Cannot get to Mojave 10.14.6 Installation, tried several configs

    First time hackintosher here. On an Aorus Pro Wifi, i7-9700k, 970 evo 1 tb m.2 SSD, Corsair Vengeance 16gb 3000mhz, INTEGRATED GRAPHICS. I've checked and double checked my BIOS settings (12c) Built installer with latest UniBeast and tweaked config.plist several times and my boot always gets...
  11. Giorgos241

    Google Chromebook Pixel LS SAMUS (2015) C1501W

    Greetings everyone. I purchased a Google Pixel for real cheap recently. I was wondering if it's possible to load OSX on it. Is there a possible way to boot clover in order to USB Install the OSX? The specs are following: Intel i7-5500U CPU Intel 5500HD Graphics 16GB DDR3 RAM Regards.
  12. joymark

    catalina,i5 8400 udh 630 just 7m memory,please help me!!!

    Hi,there.i install catalina on my computer and the system info show the udh 630 iGpu just have 7m memory,i try to set the device id and the platform id,but do not work,and some id set up and jump to black sceen,i think that's hdmi port do es not work(my motherboard just have 1 hdmi and 1 vga...
  13. TonyTech86

    Solved > Still waiting for root device

    Hello, After updating Clover to the latest version, some kexts and to 10.15.5, I now get the following error: Still waiting for root device (with prohibitory sign) The last time I’ve seen this was when I did a USB install, which confuses me. I already tried Safe Mode. Is there any way I can...
  14. aitor451

    Solved > Need help installing OpenCore in z390 Aorus Pro

    Hi, I have this hardware: Z390 Aorus Pro (Bios version F10. No WIFI) I5-9400F (without iGPU) RX 560 Then: I grab @pastrychef OpenCore 0.5.8 EFI folder from this post. Change variables of config.plist (system serial, motherboard serial, etc) with OpenCore configurator (Attached my EFI folder)...
  15. FishWu

    No entry / Prohibited sign when installing Catalina

    Hi everyone, This is my first time installing Hackinton, and I'm totally being stuck! I have strictly followed the Buyer's Guide( CPU: Intel i9 9900k MOBO: Gigabyte Z390 Gaming x RAM: Corsair...
  16. marcosdipaolo

    Prohibited sign - Sierra cannot boot

    I'm reinstalling Sierra on a system I've already had sierra for some time. Well, this time something happened and once i could successfuly boot and install drivers with Multibeast, then i could't boot. At Multibeast i remember i choose an intelmausi ethernet kext, and also being busy trying to...
  17. BuffaloRider

    Solved > Lenovo P51 booting error

    I have tried following multiple guides - a high sierra guide for a lenovo p51 with slightly different specs, rehabman's clover guide, and the catalina unibeast guide. Unibeast got me the best results from what I can tell, but I still get an error about half way through the progress bar while os...
  18. TheXBoy

    Solved > Can't boot after Multibeast

    Hello everyone! I'm working on my first Hackpro. And i'm stuck where the guide ends. After installing everything and getting into Catalina. I followed the steps of Multibeast and now i can't boot. It doesn't let me boot in safe mood, it doesn't let me boot with the USB key. I planned on...
  19. bruno03

    prohibitory symbol (do not enter, stop sign)

    Got this sign. Cant enter High sierra. I have been using hackintosh for 3 years, no problem. I have 3 disc in my PC, one for Win10, one for High Sierra and one for storage. Problems started with storage disc. Couldnt open it. It said “the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer” ...
  20. wowoowowo

    Solved > Still waiting for boot device with jumbled up text and cross

    Hello, I ran into this same issue about a year ago with Mojave and just kind of gave up, but now I'm trying to install Catalina and its doing the exact same thing. Its giving me "Still waiting for boot device" with jumbled up text and the error cross. I foud this post when looking for the error...