prohibited sign

  1. lehieuds

    Prohibited Sign on Boot Screen (Sometime)

    Hi Everyone, My PC build MSI B150M Mortar Audio ALC892 + Lan RTL8111H, i5-6500, MSI GTX950, El Capitan 10.11.6, MacPro 3,1. Sometime I have issue Prohibited Sign on boot screen, I reboot again and everything work fine. In additional, I install kext Audio in Multibeast but I am still without...
  2. jmoore5036

    HELP!!! Stuck on Still Waiting for Root Device El Capitan

    Hi All, First of all I have already read through the BIG LIST OF PROBLEMS so please don't refer me to that. This is my second build. I did a success Yosemite build a while back and have since made a couple attempts at an El Capitan build. I am stuck and cannot figure out what to do. My...
  3. szilardkoos

    El Capitan (10.11.6) won't boot unless No Cache active.

    Hi to you all! I am quite new with Hackintoshs. I have tried to read and learn as much as possible, but still I am not understanding 100% of how everything works. So sorry if my question is unintelligent at some point. So I had a very difficult time installing El Capitan: everything went...
  4. Sylvio84

    Boot failure Sometime (Prohibited sign / Couldn't allocate runtime area)

    Hi, I build a new Hackintosh from scratch : - MB : ASRock Z170M-ITX/ac (Z170 Chipset) - CPU : Intel Core i3 6300 - RAM : 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz - SSD : Samsung 850 PRO 256Gb - 4K Screen : Viewsonic VP2780-4K (plug with DisplayPort) I install OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 : - Bios settings (Legacy USB...
  5. ipad3

    Urgent Help! Prohibited Sign for Unibeast El Capitan

    Specs: HP Z200 Workstation Nvidia Quadro 600 Core i7 870 No, I can't remove the graphics card, the PC came without. Settings:Legacy, Inject Nvidia. Also, GUID partition table wouldn't work(Computer wouldn't recognise), so I used MBR. I have tried USBBusFix=1, -v, -x, cpus=1, ncpi=x2000 I have a...
  6. jmflr

    Prohibited Sign

    "Prohibited" sign on boot Dear Team This is my first attempt installing os el capitan on my PC. I am a newy in all this Hacktintosh world. I have been going through many of your posts but I cant really find a solution to this matter. My PC is: Asrock fatality x99x. Zotac nvidia...