prodigy m

  1. UnDeaDAmP

    Buying Help and Suggestions for a 500 dollar budget

    Okay so first, i have a 500 Dollar budget for my build, and I'll tell what parts I already own and why this is a bit of a task for me... -I was planning to use the BitFenix Prodigy M case, that includes fans and a PSU, and it requires a mATX motherboard -I wanted to see if i could get a...
  2. beelzebozo

    BitFenix's New "Prodigy M" mATX Case Spotted

    Last year, BitFenix wow'd many of us with their very unique and highly modular Prodigy mini-ITX case. This year at Computex, BitFenix unveiled a slightly larger version dubbed "Prodigy M" which supports mATX motherboards. Apparently, there are some new storage mounts inside, as well as a new...