1. muffie8

    Z170x Gaming 5 fails to boot after changing 6700k for a mutant Coffee Lake 8c (qtj1)

    Using Clover It was working fine until I updated my BIOS to receive the mutant i9 mobile processor (qtj1). Boots ok in Safe Mode but I don’t remember how to check any logs. Normal boot gives me a KP. I was able to take a picture of the KP screen. Any tips about how can I debug and fix it...
  2. georgesteven9819

    << Solved >> Hackintosh Big Sur Recognize wrong Processor Type, the performence sometimes drop

    Hello anyone, I want to ask about the problem that I'm facing right now. I had much experience with Hackintosh for 2 years now with Clover, everything was good until I decide to upgrade my Hackintosh to Big Sur (Previously from High Sierra, because of my Nvidia Graphics). Anyway, as we know...
  3. johnthegreat

    Can i change i7 8700k to i9 9900k and 1080ti to 2080ti

    Currently have a build with the core I7 8700k. It also has the ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6 motherboard, an asus gtx 1080ti. I was wondering if I could just swap the processor and it would work out of the box since I already have functional build or if the change would require more complicated...
  4. hackintosh4me

    ASUS WS C422 PRO with Xeon W vs X299 Deluxe Core i9 and VROC

    Hey all, I'm new to building and could use a hardware recommendation. I'm looking to build a workstation system and am wondering if anyone has had any success with the Xeon W CPUs on the ASUS WS C422 PRO motherboards. I know the iMac Pros run off of Xeon W so I'm hoping there's compatibility...
  5. snowleo333

    CPU Fan for Intel Core i7-8700K

    Hi everyone, Which CPU fan do you recommend for Intel Core i7-8700K (not overclocked) and why? I only interested in Air Cooling! Case: Fractal Design Define Mini - mATX MB: Gigabyte H370M DS3H - mATX Thank for your advice!
  6. UnChavoSin8

    I'm new at this, is about my PC

    Hi, my PC is: CPU: Pentium G4400 SkyLake GPU: GT 1030 I want to have Mac OS High Sierra or Mojave, but my CPU is not supported... ¿How I can install this OS in my PC? And can give me a link to a video explaining how to install it? I don't have another Mac, My processor is not supported, and I...
  7. ralab001

    Processor Temperature is 90°C in HP ProBook 4530s with macOS Sierra

    Hello Everybody Given: - HP ProBook 4530s - SSD and HDD - Dual System Boot: ----- macOS Sierra 10.12.5 (on SSD) ----- Windows 10 (on HDD) - Followed this guide: - From Window 10, it...
  8. cuerdasoxidas

    Upgrade Old custom mac for recording.Intel i7 2600 Socket 1155 in a new motherboard Socket 1151

    Hi guys. Sorry for the silly question. I have a hackintosh that I´ve used for music production. Specs below: Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4GHz Socket 1155 8MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD5-B3 Socket 1155 onboard 7.1 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard CM Storm Scout Case - 120mm and 2x...
  9. Arsil

    Processor Usage

    Hi guys, I have done making my hackintosh around 96%.. but I want to know how to make my processor usage stays under 1ghz(eg 800) even when it's idle state(it is already ±800) and when I run some app such safari or something,, it's always increasing (but only for 3-5s) still it's making my...
  10. metropical

    bits and bobs

    updating my old MacPro1,1 with a pair of Xeon X5355 for fun and faster DVD rips. Need to buy a couple extra bits. Thermal Paste. Are all brands pretty much OK or .......? ChemTronicis Chempad or alternative? (don't need a box of 50 which is all I find at Bezos shack of everything) 3mm long...
  11. insidiator

    i7-6700k for $260 + tax (in-store only) at Microcenter

    This will only help those who live near a Microcenter retail store, and sales tax must be paid. It's not clear how long this price will last, and there may be better pricing from other retailers (including Tonymacx86 referrals) around Black Friday, but so far this is the best price I've seen on...
  12. gabriel777

    Hackintosh future uncertain with propietary chipsets?

    Hello guys. With the awaited release of the macbook pros 2016 I've been following some news about its release date. However some articles such as this one...
  13. Umanager18

    Is my pc compatible with El Capitan os Sierra?

    Hi, Setting up my first hackintosh and keep having problems with graphics kexts when I boot the USB from clover, unsure if my pc can run it. CPU: Intel Core I7-6400 Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GT 730 mobo: Unknown (Acer)
  14. rmantech

    Best Processor for Audio Production?

    Looking to make a good budget build for audio prodction and some light video editing and need help deciding a processor, after analysing all used processors heres what i've got: I5 4460 - £120, i7 980 - 130, i7 950 £30, i7 2600k - £95, i7 970 - £100, i7 980x - 150, i7 860 - £55 , xeon e5-2670 -...
  15. chaggy

    Built inq, not sure on motherboard.

    Hello guys. Just of all, this will be my first build ever and I'm not great with this stuff. So far my build (Idea) consist of: Motherboard: MSI X99A Game 7 - I like the Idea to be able to upgrade to 128gb at some point OR MSI Z170A LGA this one I like the fact that I'd have USB type C which...
  16. rapproducer714

    Intel Turbo Boost Not Working

    Hi guys, I've had this issue for as long as I can remember running OS X and I gave up on it and haven't cared to resolve it until now. My CPU doesn't clock up to 3.4GHz like it's supposed to under heavy load, such as when I use the "yes" command to stress the CPU. The base frequency is 2.7GHz...
  17. trs96

    What Chipset?

    The two main ones are Z97 and H97. Get a Z97 if you want an over clockable "K" cpu or an H97 if you want a non "K" cpu that you can't overclock. These are for the Haswell refresh processors like the 4690K or the 4790K. You could use the older Haswell ones ie 4670K or 4770K but the two 90's...
  18. Vassi1995

    Recommended processor for CustoMac Mini

    I'm trying to build a CustoMac Mini to replace my old Hackintosh. I'll be sticking to all of the stock parts with the singular exception of the processor. Most of the time, the machine will be running as a headless iTunes, file, and Xcode server, but I will be doing frequent Handbrake transcodes...
  19. SuperMatt411

    Intel i5 4690k Is only running at 800mhz????

    I installed this processor into my system and installed and everything works fine. About this Mac and GeekBench confirms that it is only running at 798mhz? The processor should be running at 3.5ghz and is under clocked right now? I don't understand, is it that i didn't install a power management...
  20. Kurtiso990

    Processor advice.

    I'm in need of a processor and graphics card that will cost under 100. I need it to run at least mountain lion. Must fit lga 1155. Thanks.