probook 4530s

  1. amueed

    Random Freeze

    I have installed High Sierra 10.13.6 on my prebook with 2.1 GHz i3, 8GB ram and HD 3000 intel graphics. I'm facing random freezes. Everything freezes, I could only move the mouse pointer, no clicks no right-clicks the only option is to force shut down. Please help me.
  2. iamvishnu03

    [solved] Dual boot Issue on ProBook 4530s !

    I have a Probook 4530s running Hackintosh since 2013.Now i am on ElCapitan with everything working very well.I have done dual boot before on my system and was successful but those time i used to do it on my system inbuilt hardrive. Now i have a spare seagate hardrive from an old computer and...
  3. iamvishnu03

    Wi-Fi Issue after Security Update 2017-005 !

    Yesterday i got the the new Security Update 2017-005 after the restart it stuck for few minutes with grey screen , but the next day it booted successfully but since then Wi-Fi is not working properly , it just constantly looks for networks and does not connect . Never had any issue in the...
  4. ralab001

    HP ProBook 4530s: False Processor Speed + Fan speed does not appear in HWMonitor!!

    Hello Everybody, Given Problem Reporting Files in Question - Why fan speed doesn't appear in HWMonitor? - Why is processor speed is 792MHz most of the times and 2.48GHz...
  5. Koenx86

    OSX on HP ProBook 4530s?

    Hi guys! I am in desperate need of some help here :) I tried to install Sierra using the general OSX instruction ( I also tried the specific installation instruction...
  6. NarutoUzumaki98

    Can't use my WiFi cards

    Hi! I successfully installed Yosemite on my ProBook 4530s (Dual Boot with W10) but my WiFi card (RT3592) doesn't work. I bought, thanks to a thread on this site, a new WiFi card (AR5B195) on eBay but it doesn't work, I get an error of the BIOS saying that it has disabled the WiFi card because...
  7. siwek755

    Quad Core i7 (2670QM/2630QM) in ProBook 4530s *UMA* - possible?

    Hello all! I have ProBook 4530s UMA with integrated graphic card (HD3000) and i5-2450m. It is possible to put Quad Core processor there - i7-2670QM or 2630QM? Maybe someone tried this option?
  8. farazshuja

    Graphics/Resolution problems on Probook 4530s

    I have installed Mac 10.8.5 successfully on Probook 4530s. After installing I ran the Probook installer and now everything is working fine except the Graphics. Here are 2 problems 1) I am getting resolution 1024x768 2) When scrolling a web page up down its flickering a little. My Probook 4530s...
  9. thirdharmonic

    HP ProBook 4530s running 10.9 Wifi, BIOS (un)locked, new console entries, etc

    I have grappled with wifi issues on my Probook 4530s 10.9 since day one.(10.7) The BT/wifi combo card Atheros 9285 seemed vulnerable from the start, because my console logs generated the "ATHR: unknown locale: 60" regardless if it connected or didn't. I've spent considerable time researching...
  10. Wilkerson

    No battery detected, hot keys not working and no sound ProBook 4530s

    So this is my build: -HP ProBook 4530s -CPU: i7 2670QM -RAM: 8GB DDR3 -HD3000 Graphics -500GB HDD -HP Antheros AR5B195 What I tick (from memory, so there might be more): -i7 Sandy Bridge Quad Core -ProBook 4x30s -Kext Wizard -Chameleon Wizard -Antheros fix -USB 3.0 fix -Quiet fan -Fan reset...
  11. zolo185

    All the Fx Keys have been remapped ML 10.8.3

    I just fresh installed ML 10.8.3 on my Probook 4530s and everything went well , everything works, and i have no bugs ...unlike OSX 10.7.5 :problem:. As i wanted to test if Sleep worked when i pressed FN and F1 i got that "beep' that tells you your doing something wrong. And i started to press...
  12. n15ee

    WIFI installed but cant find WIFI networks - ML 10.8.2 4530s

    Hey Community, First of all: Thanks for all the great work, I am using my Probook since a half an year and I love it! Unfortunately I had a Problem during the boot and I had to reinstall OSX. After some tries I got this and it looked like everything works fine. Everything execpt the WIFI. It...
  13. rahul.shc

    no wifi, sound & battery icon after installing mountain lion 10.8.3

    Hi everyone yesterday I installed mountain lion 10.8.3 on my probook 4530s using unibeast. I am experiencing issues with wifi, sound & battery icon. No wifi is detected. wifi button colour stays white. I had applied the Atheros patch in probook installer 6.1 beta 5 but no luck. I didn't patch...
  14. Ptr1991

    [solved] 4530s: FN key not working

    Hi fellow Hackintoshers! :wave: This is my first post on the tonymacx86 forum! My English isn't the best, but I'm trying my best :P I've been trying to get the FN key (on the left, next to the ctrl key) to work as the Mac function key. I've tried to install the "Fn combo on" in the "Function...
  15. Inmike09

    Probook BIOS Mod Request

    Hey guys! I created a thread for getting the whitelist removed on our F.28 BIOS. I realize this is one of many BIOS builds we have, but it would be a start if this actually worked. I am trying to draw some attention to this thread in hopes that one of the people over there will remove our WIFI...
  16. vladimirb

    Mountain Lion Unibeast install

    Hi All, Please, help me with following issue: I created USB flash with Mountain Lion (UniBeast), But when I try install I have this problem (attached screen) Configuration: Core i3-2310M (2.1 ГГц) RAM 4 ГБ / HDD 640 ГБ Intel HD Graphics 3000 Intel HM65 Express 15.6" (1366x768) WXGA HD...