1. skuda

    z77p-d3 vs z77 extreme 4

    z77p-d3 vs z77 extreme 4. need help please Hi all. im new to hackintosh so i need help to choose from these 2 mobo because they are in my price range. Based from my research, here is something that i understand from this two mobo. z77 extreme 4 lan = need to use the broadcom57781 kext using...
  2. DriftBlade

    Problem with Mountain Lion Post-Installation

    I have just installed mountain lion on my hp pavilion dv5 following the guide. When i restart without pen drive, the keyboard doesn't work. Can someone help me?
  3. treyfh

    No audio after updating to 10.7.5

    Hello all! I have a Hackintosh built for me by a colleague. After accidentally updating to 10.7.5 I'm having issues with my audio driver. As a matter of fact when I go to the audio preferences, it shows no audio driver at all (No output devices found). My system information says that I have...
  4. woktov

    Can't Get UniBeast to Install Moutain Lion

    I cannot get UniBeast to install Mountain Lion. Here is what happens: I boot into UniBeast I select the USB drive that UniBeast is installed on It sends me the message: bad display configuration block signature (0x55555555) nvidia rom patching failed Then the Apple gray loading screen...
  5. scottperezfox

    Cannot reach OS X Installer, "Still waiting for root device."

    [SOLVED] Cannot reach OS X Installer, "Still waiting for root device." Built my first machine using the guidelines on this site, but I've hit my first glitch and need the help of the community. Here's my hardware configuration: Processor: Intel IvyBridge Core i7-3770K Motherboard...
  6. elvisatthewheel

    Z68 UEFI Issue

    Hey guys, I did a search and didn't come up with much as far as this goes since the official UEFI is fairly new. About 2 days ago I decided to take the plunge and update my Z68X-UD3H-B3 board from BIOS to UEFI since it was out of the beta stage, and honestly everything went quite smoothly...