problems booting os

  1. AlexOCZ1215

    I've installed updates from OS system and now i got the 'kernel panic' and restart the computer

    Hello again! I had been very good with my hackintosh for a time, installing updates from system and everything was fine (i have sierra version). But some days ago, i installed one of those updates and when my computer restarted, the horrific kernel panic appeared. That's why i didn't want to...
  2. nathanmartin12345

    Stop sign on clover sierra boot

    Hi all, new here, had a problem for a few days now, i used unibeast and a legal mac store downloaded version of sierra, made the usb, set the bios to what i could (on suggestion by a tutorial on here) tried setting -x aswell as usb injection and ownership, changing the smbios to 17.1 and i am...
  3. nopaluco1

    the logo of mac remains frozen

    hello everyone I have an installation problem then do step number 4 and select OS X install I go to the next screen and everything goes well until it freezes completely My setup: MSI Z270-Gaming M7 Intel I5 7600K MSI GTX 1060 3GB SSD 960 EVO 250GB (M-2) 32 GB RAM
  4. BigPlayRJXD

    Sierra Install Problems (First Build)

    Specs: Mobo: ASUS H110M Graphics: GTX 1060 CPU: intel i5-6600k Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this issue but I can’t figure out this problem after hours of troubleshooting. I have tried every single clover configuration imaginable and I still can’t get past the...
  5. StephenRBrown

    Kernel Panic

    Hello! I have just installed OS X Yosemite onto my second drive, when I restarted after setting up my multibeast, I was presented with what I have only recently learnt to be a 'kernel panic' and I am now stuck as to what to do. The OS will only load in -x . Tried boot flags like graphics...