1. Dumbledore

    Will It Run Mac OS High Sierra ?

    Hello everyone :wave: I would like to know if my PC can run Mac OS High Sierra. I only need the basic stuff to work, like Ethernet, audio, USB etc... Here's my configuration : Motherboard : ASRock B85 Pro4 CPU : i5-4570 (3.6Ghz) RAM : 8GB (1600Mhz) GPU : Gigabyte GTX 760 (2GB) Is there any...
  2. Jagadysh

    Yosemite unable to restart

    I have been having trouble with audio for my new mackintosh setup. I installed Yosemite in my pc and the audio doesn't seem to work even after installing several kexts from the multibeast and outside multi beast. My mobo: ASRock z77 pro 4 GPu : 7850 1gb saffire I have tried installing the KEXTS...
  3. Simplington

    HELP! "system Uptime in Nanoseconds 59079754940"

    So I recently tried to instal El Capitan on my desktop Specs AsRock Z77 Pro 4 i5 2500k with HD 3000 Graphics 8GB RAM 64GB SSD 2TB HDD USB Stick 16GB made bootable using Unibeast 6.1.1 (Had to use this as 6.2.0 doesnt have the inject HD 3000 feature) Multibeast is also on the stick too. But...
  4. dnelpapp

    Asrock H97 Pro4 ethernet not working

    Asrock H97 Pro4 ethernet sometimes works sometimes not Hey guys, I just got my first hackintosh with these specs: Asrock H97 Pro4 Intel i7 4790 Samsung 850 evo SSD Gigabyet gtx 960 El Capitan 10.11.2 So after I got the hackintosh working everything was perfectly fine. I could even download...
  5. eddzero

    [Success] Edd Zero's Budget Build (10.10.3): Core i5-4460 - ASRock-H97-Pro4 - 8GB RAM -HD 4600

    Edd Zero's Budget Build (10.10.3): Core i5-4460 - ASRock-H97-Pro4 - 8GB RAM - HD4600 Components Intel Core i5 4460 LGA 1150 CPU ASRock H97 Pro4 LGA ATX 1150 Motherboard Crucial 8GB...
  6. dotjpg

    Asrock z97m pro4 trouble!

    Currently having trouble when I tried installing the OS onto my SSD I followed the installation guide to the T but still end up with this error message. while running these boot flags -x-v -no-zp WARNING:IOPlatformPulginUtil : getcpuidinfo : this is an unknown CPU model 0x3c -- power management...
  7. milolethbridge

    Asrock Z77 Pro4 Kexts

    Hi, So this is the first machine I've tried this on... what a pain in the ass this board is to start on (god bless Gigabyte why did I ever doubt you). I don't want to mess around with patching my BIOS; I can live with no sleep/wake functions with nullcpupowermanagement.kext... I just want to...
  8. jvkeizer

    ASRock b85 pro4 + i5-4460 + GTX770

    ASRock b85 pro4 + i5-4460 + GTX770, would this work? Hey I was planning on doing a new build and was wondering if this would work with the Mavericks. So these are the parts (don't mind the Dutch text): Thanks in advance!
  9. asydor

    ML Install Hangs at Apple Logo

    Hello, I'm really new to this, but I'm trying to install ML on an asrock z77 Pro4 mobo. When I stall the unibeast install, i get to the apple screen and then I see a circle with a line through it (boot load error?). After running it in verbose mode, it gets stuck here (pictures attached). Is...