1. srcurtis

    SSDT for ASUS Z170 Premium (USB)

    Thought I would share my USB-SSDT for the above MB, working perfectly with USBInjectAll.kext. Included are both the disassembled and compiled files. Please note that in order to reach the 15-port limit, I disabled the USB2 ports found on MB header USB1314 (for USB2, I am using the USB1112...
  2. dashingncool

    [SUCCESS] Perfect Sierra build Asus Z170 Premium

    Specifications Asus Z170 Premium Skylake i-6600K Nvidia GTX 960 Samsung 850 EVO 256 GB x 2 Samsung NVMe 950 Pro 256 x 1 G.Skill 32 GB 3000 MHz RAM 8 x 4 Samsung UHD monitor 4K@60Hz x 2 Let me start by answering these questions first. What is working? Graphics 4K @60 Hz Audio Bluetooth NVMe...
  3. beelzebozo

    Stylish 4-Port USB Add On

    Looking to add some extra USB 2.0 ports with a bit of style sprinkled on top? Well you can with the Satechi ST-UHA USB 2.0 Hub. It's got the look of something that would ship with any Mac since it's made of aluminum and it's plug-n-play; no additional software needed. It even has that round...