1. CelestinSOUM90

    AMD Ryzen 5900X and Adobe Warp Stabilizer

    Hello ! I have been doing this post for many days since I have been on this problem, and after searching through this forum and others on the internet I have not found any solutions yet. So, I recently changed bluid, for this: B550 Vision D Ryzen 9 5900x 12-Core Radeon RX 6800XT 16GB NVMe...
  2. vegard.bjerkan

    Rendering issues with RX580 and H.264

    Hi, I recently swapped my GPU from a GTX1050 to a Sapphire Radeon RX580 Pulse 8GB, and now it refuses to render H.264 video in Adobe Media Encoder, After Effects and Premiere Pro. When I try to render H.264 my entire system freezes, and I have to reboot. This happens on OpenCL, Metal and the...
  3. gbkbrant

    No More CUDA In Premiere Pro...What now?

    With Cuda recently removed from Premiere Pro, I see no reason to stick with NVIDIA, 10.13.6, and my 1070SC. Could those with experience weigh in on different GPU options for Premiere Pro in 2020? I’ve seen videos comparing the 2080 and 5700XT for video rendering and see they are very close...
  4. atari1001

    Adobe Premiere 13.1.2 glitch on video playback & export renders using Vega 64

    When using Adobe Premiere 13.1.2, I am occasionally getting glitchy looking pixels on playback and export renders. I'm using a Vega 64 graphics card. This totally sucks because I built this machine to do video editing, but I can't with all these random glitch effects. See attached screen shot...
  5. MacOrDie

    Higher Sierra, Sapphire pulse radeon RX 580 8gb, and Adobe CC 2018

    It is time for a video card upgrade and upon reading all of your excellent posts and guides, it looks like the Sapphire pulse radeon RX 580 8gb is a great choice that works OOB. I was wondering if anyone running Adobe CC 2018 could comment on compatibility and performance with PhotoShop...
  6. Jevanni91

    Rendering h264 does not work

    Hi, I have a hackintosh High Sierra 12.13.4 x99 based: Gigabyte Ex Designare Broadwell 6850k asus strix RX 480 nvme samsung 256gb 960pro When I want to render a video on h264, in premiere, da vinci or FCPX, it does not start. (FCPX and DaVinci say error or failed, Premiere crashes and slows...
  7. loothi

    Adobe Premiere crashing with OpenCL / GTX 980ti

    Hi all. Long shot here. I installed a second hand but under warranty EVGA 980ti to re-invigorate my edit Hack (specs in the .sig I think * plus Sierra 10.12.5) It's kinda ok. Got Clover options to use the Nvidia web drivers and all is recognised etc. However in a particularly heavy edit...
  8. SenorDickWiches

    Build advice for a Thunderbolt 3 hackintosh

    So I work in video production, mostly After Effects and Premiere which pretty much require NVIDIA'S CUDA cores to run as efficently as possible. I've built my own hackintosh before in 2012, and now want to do a full new build. I've been working off of the Late 2013 Mac Pro for a while now and...
  9. jakerieger

    GTX 970 - Adobe Applications Crash

    I had this problem on my AMD hackintosh too but I have Photoshop and Premiere installed on my Sierra hackintosh (specs below). Premiere crashes when I tell the project to use GPU acceleration and Photoshop crashes in general after the splash screen. It's apparent that it's due to incompatibility...
  10. specialfred

    Adobe Creative Cloud updates

    I was wondering if anyone out there has specific experience with Adobe Creative Cloud and a hacked iOS I am a noob and want to make sure that if I build, I will be able to continually update Premiere, Photoshop etc as I do now. Thank you!
  11. waltvonfrankenstein

    What's the best graphics card for Premiere Pro CC in 4K?

    it's October 20, 2016. I'm putting together a new build for video editing in Premier Pro, based on a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 motherboard. I am wondering what the best performance / value choice is in a video card for use with Premiere for 4K video. Also the best 4K display. Any thoughts...
  12. Akat4

    urgent GTX 980 TI Hybrid - Which OS for full potential?

    Hi all, Building a hackintosh to run premiere pro and resolve (video editing applications). I'm sitting with a room full of boxes and just built my hackintosh up. It's got a 980ti, however I read on the latest driver post that the sierra drivers are the only ones that allow for full use of...
  13. vichti

    LGA 2011-v3 Hackintosh Build Configuration. Is it alright?

    Hi folks, Sooooo my 2009 iMac is starting to feel a little slow so I want to replace it with a new Hackintosh Build. This would be my first Hackintosh Build! I am a student so money is always tight but Hackintosh gives me the opportunity to build a strong mac system not having to take out a...
  14. Koubi

    Premiere CC freezes with OpenCL, CUDA and Mercury

    I have this problem with Adobe Premiere CC. OpenCL, CUDA or Mercury Software acceleration, none of them work. When previewing footage in Premiere, the timeline freezes and doesn't play. Only solution is to quit Premiere and open it again. The freezing seems to occur whenever I'm doing something...
  15. katskill

    ADVICE FOR VIDEO/PHOTO/MUSIC BUILD (Photoshop cc/Premiere Pro cc/ After Effects / Logic Pro)

    ​Hello everybody, it's been a while that i want to build an Hackintosh, and thanks to the april's buyer's guide i decide to start the adventure :D i would like to build an hackintosh for PHOTO, VIDEO editing in 4K(Photoshop cc/Premiere Pro cc/ After Effects) and MUSIC creation (Logic Pro x) ...
  16. antopooh

    Hackintosh middle-level video editing

    Hi! I'm trying to build my first hackintosh. In particular I need an hackintosh for middle-level video editing, to use Premiere and its plugs-in whitout issue. I need to work in 1080p, 60fps. I post the configuration I was thinking about, giving a look at the buyer's guide. Can you please give...
  17. anjszulc

    [Solved] NVIDIA Quadro K5000 Mavericks and Adobe Premiere CC 2015 compatibility

    Dear All, I have question about this card NVIDIA Quadro K5000 and compatibility with OSX Mavericks and Adobe Premiere PRO CC 2015. Any one use this combination and it will support CUDA in CC2015 ? I want buy this card and first want check. Regards
  18. Capanga

    Premiere CC2015 ProRes Render Issue

    Hey there guys, I'm having a problem with Premiere CC2015. Whenever I create a timeline using apple prores (any format) as the render codec just as I hit Return to render, the render starts then stops at 0,01% and doesn't move any further. If I hit Cancel, Premiere crashes. It has happened...
  19. PutjesLucht

    help this noob with picking parts

    I want to build a hackintosh but i'm a total noob at building computers. I use premiere and after effects intensively. Are these good parts for video editing? Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth X79 SSD: Samsung MZ-850 EVO 75E250B (250 GB) CPU: Core i7-4820K GPU: EVGA GTX760 SC 2GB D5...
  20. bhlebeau

    Upgrading Build, Checking Compatibility

    It's been a bit over a year since I built my current setup, so I'm a little out of touch with the tech. Here's what I'm looking at: Core i7-5930K Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD7-TH GTX Titan 6GB (may or may not get the “Black” version) 32GB RAM (I currently have 4x 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz —...