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  1. shilohh

    GPU CUDA/OpenCL Acceleration Support in Adobe CS6/CC apps.

    I created a simple AppleScript app to automate the process of adding your unsupported/uncertified GPU/s to the supported cards lists of older versions of Premiere Pro CS6/CC, After Effects CS6/CC, and Media Encoder CC. This will enable CUDA and OpenCL acceleration on your unsupported/uncertified...
  2. SoundForSoul117

    Yosemite & GTX 970 & Premiere Pro CC 2015 - Startup Error Adobe Premiere Pro could not find any capa

    I have a perfectly running setup - Asus Deluxe X99 mobo, GTX 970 graphics (running with nvidia web drivers with nvda_drv=1 flag), LG31MU97 monitor, 5960x CPU and a SSD Samsung 850 EVO (250 Gb) used for OS running with Yosemite 10.10.2 . Recently I have switched from Final Cut to Adobe Premiere...
  3. doylet84

    Yosemite & Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 Issues

    Hey all, I've started a trial of PP CC 2014 on my system listed in my description. The system runs great most of the time, but I've noticed some weird CPU issues when rendering and encoding. The issue is that the render doesn't utilize the CPU near its capacity, usually hovering around...
  4. N.W.UHD

    Is this Setup good enough for editing Video (4k in the Future)?

    Is this Setup good enough for editing Video (4k in the Future)? Are the Following Components ok? Will the Hackintosh have enough Power? (Im using Final Cut pro but maybe i will switch to Premiere Pro.) Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97TX-UD3H-BK CPU: Intel i5 4690K GPU: AMD Saphire FirePro W2100 RAM...
  5. Ponkass

    Performance Comparison - Premiere Pro 2014

    Did some research at my job this week regarding performance in Premiere Pro with different hardware configurations. Thought this might be interesting to some of you on here. Sorry about the sub-bar copy and paste -layout from the Word document. Enjoy! INTRODUCTION Two of the main...
  6. lukemon

    Radeon 7850 working with openCL in Premiere Pro CC - SOLVED!

    Hi all, I'm extremely excited so I felt I had to post this, since this forum has helped me out soooo much. This morning, after a LONG and frustrating battle trying to first of all get my new Radeon HD 7850 working without any hassles at all, and then trying to get proper openCL recognition with...
  7. davidmanwel

    Video Editors Build! HELP! ( Premiere pro, AE, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Maya, etc..)

    Hi so this will be my first hac pro build, only building it for video editing such as premiere pro, after effects with some 3D, photoshop, etc.. As of right now i am not getting into Cinema 4D or Maya but definitely plan to within the next year or 2. The only 3D I am doing now is in After...
  8. endlessteeth

    Mavericks / Adobe Creative Cloud App / Installation Problems

    Hello, I just finished a build with a Gigabyte Z87X-OC and an Intel i7 4770K. I'm having big problems with the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App. It won't install certain apps successfull such like After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC. The progressbar goes to somewhat around 40 - 70% and then it...
  9. hackenfishes

    Problem with USB audio 48khz

    Dear All, Quick description of the problem: My USB audio device no longer works at 48khz. Setting it to 44.1khz (in the Audio MIDI setup) solves the problem. This diminished capacity would be annoying but manageable, however, Premiere likes changing the MIDI settings. [this happens when the...
  10. stormsproductions

    [Success!] Video Editor: i7-3770K, GA-Z77X-UP5 TH, EVGA SC GTX 660 Ti 3GB

    Storms Productions' Video Editor: GA-Z77X-UP5 TH | i7-3770k | 32 GB RAM | GTX 660 Ti SC 3 GB[ Before During After Components Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX with Dual Thunderbolt CPU: Intel Core...
  11. ilivetowin

    FCPX and After Effects build, advice please!

    Hey all! Ok, so this is my first post, I have finally decided(I think) to try a Hackintosh machine. I will summarize why and what I need, then I will follow up with more detail for those interested. Summary: I need a Hackintosh because I am a film major and I need to edit videos and learn...
  12. craven

    Hackintosh Mountain Lion, What Graphics Card Is Best For Encoding Video With Premiere Pro CS6?

    Currently i have a 8800GT and i am not sure if i can use SLI like i did in windows xp and 7. Does the cuda drivers and video card drivers that are now on nVidia's website mean that i can use any card they have available? I noticed there was not much support (driver wise) a year or so ago. Now...