premiere cc

  1. incognitokewl

    Premiere Pro SLOWS down i7 8700k 32GB RX 590 nitro+

    Hi guys... I just built an awesome system with the help of this forum. Everything works fine except that in Premiere Pro v 14 while i try to do a simple render (using 5 multi cam 4k 30 fps files), I see that the system slows down miserably... when i check activity monitor CPU loads is only...
  2. toaster91

    Computer crashes when exporting in Premiere Pro CC

    Hello everyone, My Hackintosh crashes and restarts when I export a Premiere Pro CC 2017 project via Media Encoder CC 2017, not everytime but like half of the time. Here is my config: Mobo: Asus Prime Z270-K CPU: I7 7700K GPU: Asus Gtx 1080 Ti Rog Strix OC RAM: 2x16Gb DDR4 Corsair Vengeance...
  3. KonfusedKyle

    Premiere Pro Crashes On Export

    Everything was going fine using Premiere Pro, until I exported it. Attached is the error screen when I click Export>Media. Doesn't allow any changes to the settings on the export screen. I have rendered the the sequence. Please help!
  4. Bebeios

    upgrading graphic card (yosemite + premiere cs6/cc)

    I've just installed Yosemite on my computer (i7, 6 core, 24 ghz ram) and want to boost Premiere cc/cs6 experience (actually working with GeForce GTS 250). Which graphic card do you suggest (300-400$ budget)? I'm going to work with 4k footage. Rendering performance needed. Thnx a lot, great...
  5. Damy77

    Hackintosh for video editing 4K

    Good morning to everyone in the forum. I wanted to build a hackintosh to edit video in 4K with good / excellent performance, my baget and between 1000/1500 € Calculating that possess the following material to use 1° SSD 480 GB, 1° HDD 4 TB and 1° HyperX Predator PCIe SSD 960GB with adapter...
  6. Koubi

    Premiere CC freezes with OpenCL, CUDA and Mercury

    I have this problem with Adobe Premiere CC. OpenCL, CUDA or Mercury Software acceleration, none of them work. When previewing footage in Premiere, the timeline freezes and doesn't play. Only solution is to quit Premiere and open it again. The freezing seems to occur whenever I'm doing something...