premier pro

  1. Svenb

    [Solved] Premiere Pro "freeze/hangs" on export with RX 580

    Hi, yesterday I build myself a new hackintosh Now nearly everything is running except of one thing. When I edit a video in Premiere Pro everything works until I want to export the movie (export in Premiere and via Media encoder). When I start the export the PC is not reacting anymore properly...
  2. lulupulu

    Graphics card advice

    Hi, I'm trying to find a good graphics card for my computer to primarily run Adobe Premiere Pro. My current graphics card is extremely slow in export and rendering times. Here are the specs for my computer: iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013) Processor 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3...
  3. gateway69

    Premier Pro + Photoshop AMD or Nvidia?

    I'm about to build a new hackintosh to do much more higher end video editing, one of my new drones shoots at 5k and my old hackintosh is just not up to par (still an amazing fast box for everything else). I was wondering those that have gone down this path what video card did you choose to get...
  4. MakeArtNow

    Adobe Creative cloud programs wont install El Capitan

    Hey Gang looking for a little help, I'm a total newb here, first build. The major issue at the moment is I can't get Adobe Creative Cloud to install or for any of the programs to install independently. The system seems to be running smoothly, but when I go to install Adobe cc, I get a blank...
  5. Maxheim

    Is this compatible and good for video editing?

    I'm all new to building computers but I need to replace my 2011 Imac because I will be doing more and more heavy video editing in premiere pro and after effects and I figured that a Hackintosh was the best option for me. After much research this is the parts I think will work for me...
  6. KonfusedKyle

    Premiere Pro Crashes On Export

    Everything was going fine using Premiere Pro, until I exported it. Attached is the error screen when I click Export>Media. Doesn't allow any changes to the settings on the export screen. I have rendered the the sequence. Please help!
  7. tumblemonster

    First Build: Premiere Pro editing / Lightroom / dual boot PC gaming rig

    EDIT: After reading half the forum I think I've settled on the build below, which is a very close copy of Stork's Hero build. Is there anything I should be aware of before I pull the trigger? Should I consider a liquid cooler instead of the Noctua? I chose it because it's quiet, but will it...
  8. HackInBuild

    CUDA Not Working in After Effects

    I followed this guide the other day found here: I keep on getting stuck on step three when bob tells you to type in this command into terminal: /Applications/Adobe\ Premiere\ Pro\ CC/Adobe\ Premiere\ Pro\...