preference pane

  1. EverythingIsRed

    [solved] Trackpad PrefPane blank

    Did a fresh install of High Sierra. I tried copy-pasting the trackpad.prefpane from older versions of macOS but it still remains blank.
  2. nikotel

    Mouse preference pane quits unexpectedly

    If I open the mouse preference pane it crashes. I get the message “System Preferences quit unexpectedly.” If I turn off the mouse I can open the mouse preference pane with my trackpad but as soon as I turn on the mouse the pane crashes. I have two magic mice and they both have the same effect...
  3. maikie1

    System Preferences Under Apple Icon does not work

    Hi all, I have strange "error" in my Mac Os Sierra (latest). Whenever i want to start up system preferences via the apple icon it does not show the preferences pane. Instead i see some very little movement in the dock and then nothing... If i start the system preferences via the dock icon it...
  4. marrioo

    Display Preferences Pane Not loading in Sierra (Solved)

    *** IMPORTANT NOTE *** This method is considered deprecated in favor of a more direct method: *** END IMPORTANT NOTE *** After upgrading to the final Build of Sierra, my Display Preferences...