1. toos

    Toos his first G5 Mod *Buildlog

    Toos his first G5 Mod *Buildlog Day 3 *First of all sorry for my horrible English i hope you guys don't mind ;). Hi there. So i did my first full working Hackintosh mod. But i was not satisfied. The thing is. It is so easy to make a full working hackintosh with the guides. But build it in a...
  2. Will03

    How to connect a G5 powerswitch to ATX

    Hi, I wanted to make a PowerMac G5 mod, but I saw that the tricky part was to connect the Power switch to the motherboard.. So can you buy the cable to connect it to ATX, if yes..where? (couldn't find it on ebay) Or do I have to do it myself, in this case..HOW?? (if some-one knew it step by step...
  3. Timhugall

    My PowerMac G4 "Graphite" Mod

    Thought you might like to see my cheap and nasty G4 case mod :) Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=rvJhsrWSr58 This was done with a full size ATX GA-Z77-DS3H. It's not the prettiest build but the case I bought was from eBay for £9 and although ok wasn't...
  4. Fipurs

    PowerMac G5 Frontpanel

    Hello I have a litte problem with my FrontPanel of my G5 case. It´s a different FrontPanel. Here is an image. It hasn´t got any connectors for Cables. How can i get it working with the pc components? I haven´t found anything about this FrontPanel yet. Please help me. Thanks Fipurs
  5. ahhyes

    Forum inspired cube mod

    After following the threads of the other great cube mods and having thought about a hackintosh for a while I decided I'd tackle a cube! After watching ebay and various sites for a few months it seemed cubes are in high demand and in low supply and to get a mint one would cost me around £100, a...
  6. Gillbay

    Graphite G4 compatibility queries.

    I have adopted a Powermac G4 Graphite from my dads office and want to create a hackintosh with it. Its my first one, never done it before so im relatively nooby. I have listed the components i have chosen and wanted to know if there would be any compatibility issues. I will also be running...
  7. war6000

    Power Mac G4 QuickSilver Mod W.I.P. (almost done)

    This is my first case modding and my first Hackintosh build. The end result is already being tested by a friend to check for Hackintosh and case mod build stability. MOBO: Old HP leonite CPU: C2D E4300 PSU: Pulled from an old eMachine. Ram: Just a bunch (4gb) of DDR2 HDD...
  8. dsiglin

    Critique my cooling design

    Hey guys, I'm in the throes of a G5 Powermac modification (my first case mod ever) and let's just say I'm having to be very creative to achieve the look I want. So I have come up with a cooling solution but I am not very familiar with cooling theory and would love some feedback. I'm attaching a...
  9. Trhooper123

    Powermac G5 case mod with cable management and hot swap hdd tray

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a used G5 case from ebay and have been browsing the forums for a couple months. I paid 90 for a g5 case in great condition shipped. It recently arrived and I decided to go the mountain mods route for the back panel. I want this mod to be as seamless as...
  10. SenorDickWiches

    Differences in System Definitions.

    I'm following Alfa's Gigabyte UP5-TH guide, and I had a question about the system definitions - what's the difference in choosing them? I originally tried MacPro 5,1, but received kernel panics. Leaving the definitions alone gave me MacPro 3,1, but the guide says to use iMac 12,1. (Why not...
  11. OniSenshi

    Mod G5 Thunderbolt

    Hi everyone and please forgive my mistakes, I'm only a French teenager ^^" I'm posting here because I'm gonna make a mod g5 with thunderbolt and fusion drive, and I'm finally posting here because I'm gonna have my computer (or my parts of computer) for Christmas and I need to make up my mind...
  12. synthaxterror

    Great Swedish Power Mac G5 Mod - 2012

    Power Mac G5 - June 2004 Original Case ----------------------------------- PC-Parts spec: MB: Z68XP-UD3 Ram 16GB / 1600mhz DDR3 HDD: 1TB Seagate, 1TB Hitachi, 120GB OCZ Agility 3 (R:525/W:500) Audio: Asus Xonar Essence STX (windows) /Onboard Audio 889 (OSX) Power: Chiftec 850W...
  13. Meshmoth

    G5 Front Panel Schematics

    Hello All, I'm new to the boards but have been reading through the forum for a while for my G5 Build. I've downloaded the schematics for the harness, but one thing I cannot find is the audio sensing circuit schematic. I've looked on the Legacy boards, but for some reason the pictures are locked...
  14. quaternio

    [Worklog] Granny Smith - Full ATX Powermac G4 Mod

    [Complete] Granny Smith - Full ATX Powermac G4 Mod My intensions for the mod are very simple: to build a modern full ATX "Pro" Hackintosh while maintaining as much of the original design as possible. I'm trying my best to route cables such that I will maintain optimal airflow (which will...