powermac g5

  1. oskarott

    Success | ASUS ProArt z490, 10700k, Radeon VII - MacPro Case Mod

    In the last weeks I've been working on my first Hackintosh, and I'm finally able to post it as a success. I needed a new Workstation for Video editing with DaVinci Resolve,, I thought of buying the new Mac Pro but 6000$ was to much for me. So I started exploring the Hackintosh Universe and...
  2. mustangboast

    Powermac G5 Case Mod

    Hey Guys! Been a follower of the community for sometime now and always wanted to try this mod out for myself. I recently acquired a working Powermac G5 off my local classifieds for only $60! AND I promise I will either use or give these working parts to someone else so that they can live on! ;)...
  3. kerker00

    There are many G5 Mods, but this one is mine.

    Since I owned a Powerbook G4 I wanted to own also a PowerMac and later a Mac Pro, but Apple never made one for me. One Tower Mac that I could argue to buy. After more then 15 years of using apple hardware I decided to build my own tower Mac. So there it is. Design: I got the inspiration for...
  4. TheJonaZ

    Powermac G5 I/O

    Hello, this is my first post. I got a Powermac G5 and want to make a casemod now. My question is if one has a good idea for the I/O shield. I would like to try to change as little as possible from the outside. Sorry for my bad english but I am from germany.
  5. superpantoufle

    High Five | superpantoufle's PowerHack G5 (work in progress)

    I've been lurking through this particular forum for years. I received a dead PowerMac G5 a long time ago, and immediately knew that some day it would become my first Hackintosh. And that day has finally come, thanks to the awesome builds I saw around here. My PowerMac G5 was a 2004 dual 2.0 GHz...
  6. wise-rice

    PowerMac G5 Case Modding Project - mATX & ATX Conversion - Barebones - Mac Pro Alternative

    So, I am officially crazy... I bought 26 Powermacs (G5) And I modded them ALL They are now ready for ATX and mATX Mainboards… But why 26? Did I mention I was crazy?! (And they were only sold together…) I modded G5 Cases before – They kind of became my passion. This time I wanted everything...
  7. syd.overdrive

    Case Mod Powermac G5 LED front panel always lit

    Hey Guys, so i have a case mod Powermac G5 with original Front panel, i used to be have a old Asus 775 socket in this machine, the front panel always working very nice with this motherboard. So i decided make a upgrade and i bought a Gigabyte H170M-D3H DDR3. I placed the Power and Power Led...
  8. dokotr

    PowerMac G5 Mod - Untouched Exterior

    Hi Gents, I decided to build a my PC in the some old fahsion case and then I found G5. I like G5 case exterior so decided to do a cutting on interior, only. As I do not using any Apple device, running PC on W10. Mod Main Facts Untouched Exterior with 2x USB, Audio Output, MIC IN, Ethernet...
  9. craigziltoid

    Help please

    Hi I bought a 2003 mac pro 1.8ghz duel off ebay, It installed osx 10.5 fine but when it restarted and played the welcome screen the power cord got pulled ( kids ! ) Since then it wont boot from the HD or the DVD. It chimes and then the apple logo loads but no spinning. I have reformatted the...
  10. Gervasio

    PowerMac G5 Hackintosh with original PSU and cooling

    Hi there! This is the first post I make in this community, but it's the result of hundreds of hours spent lurking. I present to you my PowerMac G5 Hackintosh: This is the result of months of research, work and frustration. The list of parts: -Supermicro X8SIL-F Motherboard -Intel Xeon...
  11. ZandoBob

    PowerMac G5 Hackintosh mod (long term project)

    As the title says, this is a long term project, as money/time allows. But I have a near perfect condition (just some surface scratches) PowerMac G5, that I'd like to build a mackintosh in. I already can run macOS on my current rig, which I'm replacing with a Xeon build. So I'll have the mobo...
  12. Solidsnake1019

    Upgrading a G5

    Hey all. Just got my first G5! It's the 2004 dual 2.0 ghz model with a Nvidia 5200 64mb 1.5 GB RAM I plan on upgrading the RAM to it's full 8 GB And i'm thinking of getting a Nvidia 7800, as i heard the card is compatabile with both Mac and PC, correct? Also, i'm thinking of perhaps...
  13. samlefrench

    Goodbye Steve ! (Work in progress)

    Hello everyone, I have been reading and exploring Tonymacx86 for a couple of months now but I finally decided to go for the adventure instead of buying a new Mac (currently owning a Macbook Pro mid-2010). Hence the name is this project : Goodbye Steve ! First, I posted a couple of weeks ago...
  14. stefan.ceriu

    Powerhack G5

    Hey guys, I've been lurking on these forums for a very long time and the time has finally come to contribute something back. I just finished putting together this Kaby Lake Powerhack G5 and uploaded the whole build log here http://imgur.com/a/ikFud I'm hoping it will come in handy for next...
  15. yangbao111

    Another Powermac G5 Mod (Late 2005)

    I've moved the thread over to the Completed Mods section with nicer pictures; Click Here! I will leave some raw pictures here. When I bought it, it looks like this. After modding, it looks like this: What's inside:
  16. sanoayyk

    Black'n Gold PowerMac G5 MOD (SSI-EEB)

    Hi guys, I've been working on G5 case modding for some months and finally managed to get it almost Completed. The concept of my build is a case for ultimate high-end workstation or gaming rig. Which can hold large SSI EEB mobo to support dual CPU configuration and possesses 9 expansion slots so...
  17. Davidlovesg5s


    Sorry if this may sound like a stupid question... I am new to this whole concept of a Hackintosh... But i love it!!! I just picked up PowerMac g5 which i loved for a long time. Even in 2016 the case is so futuristic. My question is if anyone can point me in the right direction ? of what parts i...
  18. Michael-Hurtle

    How to Remove the handles and feet.

    I have removed ALL of the hex screws on the inside of the case (backside and front inside), and i know its able to be removed. Does it just require a lot of force to pull it off of each mount?
  19. DVIUS777

    Mod G5 MK I & MK II Hanakintosh

    G5 MK I Hanakintosh Hello everyone, I present to you my G5 MK I Hanakintosh Asus P5Q Deluxe , Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q9550 (12M Cache, 2.83 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB) Crucial Ballistik DDR2 2Go (1066Mhz ) *4 , ASUS ENGT 430 2 Go DDR3, Seasonic M 12 750 Watt. And it updated G5 MK II...
  20. randombrain

    3-button power/LED problems

    First off, what I assume a normal case button/LED looks like electronically: Following the advice of the lovely people on this forum, I have wired my button/LED like so (pic is rotated; wires are going toward the top of the case): I'm using a Gigabyte H97M-D3H. If I have the PW_SW header...