powermac g4

  1. vittopascu

    No-Compromise PowerMac G4 Case Mod

    Dear all, A bit of context first. I started this mod about four years ago, it took about a month to bring it to something very close to the current configuration. However, I have been improving it since then and now I feel like the time has come to publish it here, as it could be of some help...
  2. galher12

    Power Mac G4 Stormtrooper Case Mod

    Hello everybody! My parents are working with Macs for a long time now and I have 3 old Power Macs G4. For this summer, i wanted a project to work on so I decided to mod one of the G4s just for fun. In this thread, I will update my experience and progress for this awesome mod. I decided to go...
  3. Opus-D

    Powermac G4 Quicksilver - where to start?

    Hey all! So I picked up a Powermac G4 Quicksilver off the side of the road the other day in really good condition. I'm really keen to gut it and build a hackintosh inside! :mrgreen: I was looking through the buyer's guide, and from what I've read the CustoMac mATX build seems like it would be...
  4. Zenorph

    Unibeast can't run

    Hi, I did some hackintosh before but with OS 10.10.5 and I just tried to do with OS 10.3.9 but Unibeast doesn't open! Any idea? Thanks!
  5. RiccSon

    Blue Digital Audio G4 Build, I need help

    Hello everyone, first post here so I hope I'm not making any mistakes! Anyway, here's the situation: back in January I found a guy in my town that was throwing away some stuff from his basement, and among that, there was this beautiful Blue and white (the darker blue) PowerMac G4 straight from...
  6. inadav

    Powermac G4 MDD Mod #HELP

    Hey guys, I am going to receive a used Powermac G4 MDD today, and I've been thinking about modding it - I have a pretty old mATX board around, 2 Gig's of RAM and 500GB 7200rpm hard drive anyways, I have heard that there's a problem with placing PCI-e cards in the MDD model and I'm not going to...
  7. ChildOfBodom

    [Success] Modded Powermac G4 with Haswell Xeon.

    ChildOfBodom's Haswell mATX: GA-Z87MX-D3H - Xeon E3-1275V3 - GTX650 Components Gigabyte GA-Z87MX-D3H Motherboard with DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and D-Sub Connections http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128601 Intel Xeon E3-1275 V3 Processor...
  8. idiom

    GLaDOS Mac G4 - Science is fun

    APERTURE SCIENCE COMPUTER ENRICHMENT Hello, This project is my second conversion of a Power Mac G4 to an Intel-based Hackintosh. Here's a link to my previous project: http://www.overclock.net/t/905914/power-mac-g4-conversion Since my last project was centered around taking an old...
  9. rayd

    Rayd's Build: Powermac G4 MDD - Core i7 3930K - GA-X79-UD3 - 16gb 2133mhz - GTX970

    Rayd's Build: Powermac G4 MDD - Core i7 3930K - GA-X79-UD3 - 16gb 2133mhz - GTX970 Powermac G4 MDD caseCore i7 3930K - GA-X79-UD3 - 16gb 2133mhz - GTX970 ] Components Core i7 3930k 6 Core 12 Thread CPU http://www.amazon.com/Intel-i7-3930K-Hexa-Core-Processor-Cache/dp/B00603QXPM Gigabyte...
  10. monokul

    PowerMac G4 Monokul Style

    Hello people! This is my first post in this wonderful forum. I'd like to thank you for the time and efforts to share your great work. Well I've decided to make my own PoweMac Mod. I have PowerMac G5 but I've bot a case from PowerMac G4 in a good condition. So I'm inspired and happy to start...
  11. makrja

    G4 Graphite mATX Build 2013

    Hello fellow modders! Im new to this forum, and i recently got a free Powermac G4 Graphite from a friend. My uncle offered to paint the case in a nice matte pearly white, along with a black apple logo. I already stripped the case for components, and as other post say, i need to place new...
  12. joshfabean

    Trying to tackle a G4 Cube hack.

    Hey everyone, after seeing some other people on the site do it I'm going to tackle a G4 cube and bring it back to life. I read great posts by MacTester57, BoomR, sleppek, and eelhead. I'm sure there are more but those are the ones that got me motivated. to do this. So I'm still in the process...
  13. doctorevil30564

    DoctorEvil 30564's Powermac G4 Graphite Hackintosh

    DoctorEvil 30564's Powermac G4 Graphite Customac I won't go into a lot of specifics, as most of the methods for what I've done to my case were shamelessly stolen from the shared info from others on this forum. (Thanks guys you rock!) I started with a semi-working Powermac G4 Graphite desktop...