power switch

  1. Headcloud

    Need Help with HP Pavilion Elite

    I successfully and very easily was able to install OS X on an HP Pavilion Elite. However, the tower was so small and had such few fans that it overheated. I purchased a new tower and transplanted everything into it. The power switch on the new tower has a different jumper configuration, and for...
  2. Obecny

    Asus X99 - power button fix - dsdt edit ?

    Almost perfect system with Asus X99 Deluxe II, 6900k with perfectly working sleep except the power button! The usual _HID to _CID edit in dsdt didn't change anything :( still can't make my hack to go to sleep with press of a power button, is there any other dsdt edit necessary to make it to work...
  3. tatoinexv6

    Replacing the Power switch I/O panel

    Hi guys, I need advice… Is it possible to replace the switch button on front panel ? cause mine is a bit broken... T_T See ya
  4. grg3

    G4 Mod February 2013

    I want to thank everyone that has posted to this forum for inspiring me to do this project. I have seen many unwanted G4 machine go to the scrap pile over the years and I always thought that they deserved better. I am glad that I have been able to give at least one a new life. I found someone...