power management

  1. KapnKrunch

    Great comprehensive guide to pmset for Power Management

    I ran across this article from the Eclectic Light Company, written by “hoakley” who is a prolific, intelligent author with a wealth of Mac-related articles. Power management in Hackintoshes appears to be a popular issue, and he offers the best resource I’ve seen concerning the subject here...
  2. MattMcHackit83

    kernel_task always using above 100% CPU!

    Hi The fans on my new build were (and are) constantly running very loud and fast. I installed HWMonitor and discovered my CPU is almost constantly running at the maximum turbo speed, 3.4GHz -- it does fluctuate but rarely drops below 2.9GHz. CPU cores are constantly between 60 and 73°C! On...
  3. aldoalfalus

    Power Management on Kabylake (Dell Latitude 3380)

    How to get frequency under 1Ghz when i'm not doing anything (idle) ? With config PluginType=yes and also KernelPM=yes, it just shows that iddle frequency are only at 1,3Ghz. I want to get idle frequency below 1Ghz, something like 0,8 Ghz or below it. And i saw the other people with i5-7200 also...
  4. Torock

    XCPM Problem with Haswell-EP E5-2660 v3

    Hi everyone, i was able to install Mojave on this System: CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2660 v3 Board: Asus X99-A II Grafic: Asus RX570 Everything works quite well except XCPM. For installation I used this guide...
  5. GiaThy

    Power Management problem on Sandybridge laptop

    Hello everyone I have recently installed Yosemite 10.10 on my laptop, which is Acer 4749Z|i7-2620M|HD3000|8GB Ram|500GB HDD. I used Unibeast to create a installer USB with Legacy boot mode. After installing it, i have installed many kexts, patched DSDT, SMBIOS (Macbook Pro 8,1). Everything...
  6. ritzbitz00

    x86PlatformPlugin/PluginType=1? and other PM help

    I'm doing a checkup of the PM of my system. I've never been able to confirm the PM was set up correctly, and with some issues I've been having recently, I wanted to check again. I originally used this method, and put SSDT-XCPM.aml in the patched folder. Looking at the instructions again, I...
  7. ttimpe

    GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD4 DSDT and stuff

    Hello everybody, I have my system up and running since mid-2012, however it seems that the fan control does not work. I have the NullCPUPowerManagement kext installed and I don't have a DSDT or SSDT installed. The UEFI version is U1L and I'm running a Core i7 2600K. Please tell me what I need...
  8. B.A.C.H

    [SOLVED] wake causes freeze/panic in Dell 7577

    Dear community, I am experiencing the following behaviour on my Dell 7577 running High Sierra: with the power cord disconnected: if I put the laptop to sleep and wake it shortly after the keyboard backlight turns off (fans still spinning) the computer wakes normally: display turning on. with...
  9. berry64

    [Solved] can't wake from sleep reboot gives panic report

    I am running High Sierra 13.6 on X1 Carbon 5th gen (2017) I have already tried using the native cpu pwr management in this post but things don't seem be working... problems in detail: - sleep from idle or top left corner or close lid - if try to wake up immediately everything is fine(lid...
  10. tsm121

    [Solved] Black screen after changing from iMac 14,2 to 17,1

    So after the latest version of Clover destroyed my last setup, I now did a clean install to High Sierra. Everything seems to work fine, except my turbo boost is not working. After reading up on some guides It was suggested to change my System Definition to iMac 17,1. When I do this, after the...
  11. Novito

    Some bugs due to graphic card configuration?

    Hi, I have being running my new hackintosh for three weeks and I have detected few bugs I am not sure how to solve them due to my lack of experiencie. I do not know what guide should I follow. Power Management: my computer does not shut down or reboot properly, I have to force it holding the...
  12. Josejoram

    How do I know power management is working correctly? + SMBIOS question

    Hi everyone. I have an ASUS 456, i7 6500u (skylake) & Intel HD520 with High Sierra. All the parts that should work are working, even things that "shouldn't" work like VGA. The only thing still puzzling me is the short battery life. I read on Rehabman's guide that if I have Skylake then PM just...
  13. coscos

    (Near) Perfect High Sierra Setup on Z77x-UD5H / Ivy Bridge i5 / RX 560

    This post is not intended to be an end-to-end guide to demonstrate hackintosh installation and setup. There are already many great posts for that. I want to focus on some small, but critical features after your machine is up and running. Specially on this popular, but old architecture. It's more...
  14. cephasara

    Getting sleep/wake to work on Dell XPS 12 9250 on 10.13.4

    Hi, I am trying to get sleep/wake to work on my Dell XPS 12 9250 running 10.13.4. Some of the steps I have performed can be see in this thread for Sierra: I have working SSDT-UIAC.aml +...
  15. 11212

    [solved] i3 2310M idles at max frequency

    Hi, sorry for opening another thread. :( As the title says, the CPU idles at maximum frequency. I have tried to generate SSDT with, same problem. kextstat|grep -y acpiplat 15 2 0xffffff7f8291c000 0x9c000 0x9c000 (6.1)...
  16. UAMike

    Unable to wake from sleep with HDMI

    I am unable to properly wake from sleep when my display is plugged in via HDMI. There are two situations that will occur when I leave the computer unattended for long periods of time: 1. I will come back to my computer to find it's asleep and waking it will lead to 'no signal' OR 2. I will...
  17. jamielipp

    CPU Power management not working

    Just recently upgraded from Elcapitan to High Sierra and noticed my power management is no long working have tried a few different things but cant seem to get the clock to throttle on Intel power gadget its always on full (4.1Ghz) I have attached my Config list and a screen shot of Kexts being used:
  18. cc336625

    i3 7100 can not Power Management Using ssdt_xcpm file will automatically restart My cpu is i3 7100, macos 10.13,before I tried many methods automatically restart Delete dsdt and replace smbios,restart NullCPUPowerManagement.kext no problem...
  19. ahmednabilkha

    Sandy Bridge Power Management

    Hello. I was checking AppleGraphicsPowerManagmement kext plist and found this difference in code between MBP 8.1 smbios & 8.2! 8.1 : </dict> <key>MacBookPro8,1</key> <dict> <key>IGPU</key> <dict>...