power mac g4

  1. schwingel

    Simple Power "Hack" Mac G4 (Sawtooth)

    I just finished my first mod using an case of Power Mac G4 model Sawtooth. Bought one from about U$40 here in Brazil. Shipped already free of motherboard, drives and power source. 8 bucks for shipping and that's all for the case. Good bargain in my opinion. Here is a victim's picture before...
  2. landonbtw

    Power Mac G4 Storm Trooper Mod!

    I was looking around for some cool things that you could do with an old Power Mac G4, and I came across a couple threads of a sweet Storm Trooper style mod that someone had put together! I don't want to give credit to any individual person for coming up with the idea, because I have seen more...
  3. Olli73

    Another G4 Power Mac Mod (Sandy Bridge)

    Hello fellow Power Mac modders, When it came to me that my venerable eMac was getting long on its teeth i began to think of what to do. I wanted to stay with OSX but new Apple-hardware was just too expensive for me... So, after some talk with colleagues i decided to go down Hackin´Tosh alley...