power button

  1. LinkinPark879

    Make your hackintosh power button works as expected

    Once, I tried to find a solution to make hackintosh power button works, but nothing has gained. The suggestion that long press result as no response in my computer, and even force shutdown computer suddenly. I immediately get the idea, that work out with hardware solution. After few weeks on...
  2. salty567


    hi can anyone help me with the wiring diagram for the power button and pwr led for the logic board powermac g3 b&w thank you :)
  3. phunguss

    G4 Cube Alternate Touch Power Button

    G4 Cube Alternate Touch Power Button This is my alternate method to power on/off a cube with a finger in proximity to the top, but does NOT replicate the LED power indicator. I have seen the Hackintosh mods for the original touch button, but of the three I have tried, I could get none of them...
  4. wowoowowo

    [Solved] When computer sleeps I cannot wake it up

    Hello, whenever my hackintosh starts sleeping I cannot wake it up via power button, keyboard or mouse
  5. Obecny

    Asus X99 - power button fix - dsdt edit ?

    Almost perfect system with Asus X99 Deluxe II, 6900k with perfectly working sleep except the power button! The usual _HID to _CID edit in dsdt didn't change anything :( still can't make my hack to go to sleep with press of a power button, is there any other dsdt edit necessary to make it to work...
  6. jujal

    Stuck on Reboot loop !!…

    Hello, My hackintosh works fine for 2 years now on el Capitan, thanks to this website. Since today the computer won't start and is stuck into a reboot loop, and I don't know why… Everything was fine for now, except that I have to reboot to start the computer because the clover screen was frozen...
  7. Pineapple68

    Help with the power button

    Hi I am preparing my first mini itx build, but I am in need some help with the choice and installing of the powerbutton. I chosen the Silverstone ST45SF-G, but I read now that this PSUdoesn't have a I/0 button, so I need to understand how connect a led button like this one to the motherboard...
  8. minjaeeu

    Little help with "power button/front I/O"

    Hey guys just wanna say first that I had this craving of doing a G5 mod since I entered the world of hackintosh in 2013, and now hey I found a G5 case...... but..... there's is only one little problem. My problem is related with the I/O front painel. Because since a G5 case (or even a used G5)...
  9. Justinian6

    Laptop power button not working

    I have a MSI GP60 2PE and it has a bar across the top with various buttons, both the eject button as well as the power button do not do anything in macOS Sierra... The eject button works with the SmartTouchpad kext. It doesn't work with the OSXPS2Voodoo kext. The power button isn't recognized...
  10. Michael-Hurtle

    How to reuse only the fron power button on the G5.

    I'm currently in the progress of finishing my Powermac G5 case mod, but i want to reuse Only the power button, and LED. i don't want to reuse the USB because i plan on upgrading to USB 3.0 in the front. any way i can mod the three cables coming from the power button and LED?
  11. softFluffyKittens

    Power button not recognized (El Capitan)

    I recently installed El Capitan from Mavericks. Back on 10.9, the power button on my laptop was recognized and worked perfectly. It would bring up a menu for sleep, shut down log out etc. In El Capitan, the power button is not recognized. Can it be fixed without much hassle? A DSDT patch...
  12. randombrain

    3-button power/LED problems

    First off, what I assume a normal case button/LED looks like electronically: Following the advice of the lovely people on this forum, I have wired my button/LED like so (pic is rotated; wires are going toward the top of the case): I'm using a Gigabyte H97M-D3H. If I have the PW_SW header...
  13. egparadigm

    BT Mouse/USB Keyboard don't wake

    I have a bluetooth mouse and a USB apple keyboard. Neither can now be used to wake my Hackintosh. I can use the power button. This has just suddenly started happening – I haven't updated the OS (some apps via app store have been). I can use the keyboard and mouse fine after waking the computer...