1. reppie

    << Solved >> 10.15.7 supplemental update won't install

    Hi, Just installed Catalina on my old hack with no problems (flashed to UEFI and followed the guide without anything else needed, only WiFi not working but I've not really tried to make it work). I'm running 10.15.7 (19H15). Today I have an update notification for a supplemental update...
  2. romanmykytiuk

    macOS doesn't boot from SSD. Need to use USB to run it (after couple of reboots)

    Hey guys. I've installed macOS Catalina on my hardware and everything works smoothly. Shut down / Sleep, internet, audio, etc. I've used the Unibeast installation and post-installation process. The one thing that DOESN'T work is PC Turn On. I mean I can't boot into macOS from the first time I...
  3. tddrmllr

    [Solved] Unable to mount EFI

    Build: GA-Z170XP-SLI | i7 7700K | GeForce GTX 1060 6GB SSC Trying to setup a dual boot machine. Already installed Windows on one SSD, got OSX to install on the second SSD, but having trouble with post-installation. Windows SSD is currently unplugged. Still booting OSX from the UniBeast USB...
  4. adrianhasgame

    Help with Asus X550LB post installation!

    HI. I have with me an Asus X550LB which I have installed macOS Sierra on. I am after the stage of installing Clover on my HDD. I followed this guide: I need help on what to do after? It's not clear in the guide and I don't...
  5. JeanPrado

    Post-Installation Issues

    Hey! Just finished installing the macOS Public Beta preview. Followed this tutorial and was able to boot into my SSD using the Installation USB. But I can't get my post-installation right. I'm having some issues with graphics and HDMI audio (but the latter I think I can fix later). My graphics...
  6. jemmyuk

    Yosemite post install help

    Hi all I had a functional full working Yosemite install on my system. I tried to install El Capitan but it doesnt play ball with the configuration. I wiped the drive and tried to do a fresh install of Yosemite again, it installs fine and then I can boot into it using the unibeast but when...
  7. blackfoxz1

    El Captain windows drive not showing after installation

    Hi Guys I installed El Captain successfully but then the Windows reserved drive which i usually choose to boot windows from disappeared. Can you guys help me? I don't want to reinstall windows again. Thanks you guys
  8. renarsg

    MultiBeast not responding, Spinning circle of death

    Installed properly, had to use nv_disable=1 in order to launch. MultiBeast seems to be really slow and unresponsive. System freezes constantly. What do I do?
  9. moswei

    Strange graphics glitch on Yosemite with HD 7870 Tahiti LE. Any ideas?

    Strange graphics glitch on Yosemite with HD 7870 Tahiti LE. Hi, first poster here... I've recently updated my customac from Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to Yosemite 10.10.5 to take advantage of the better graphics handling of another GPU - the VTX3D HD7870 black edition (Tahiti LE) The install was...
  10. cmanallen

    How to disable nvidia card and use onboard video [Yosemite]

    I have an Nvidia 750ti which doesn't seem to play nice with Yosemite. Fortunately I have an i5 4690k with HD 4600 integrated graphics chip. How do I disable the Nvidia card and install the correct drivers for the HD4600?
  11. timelaw

    Asus G750JH - Installing works, but sometimes it does not boot?

    Hey guys! I have installed OS X 10.10.2 on my Asus G750JH without issues (relatively, sometimes the installer hangs) and I can boot it up from the USB (have not gotten it to work through normal UEFI yet, even though I've tried many things). My issue is that sometimes there is a corruption of...
  12. christianmagill

    Yosemite install hanging at "Create a Computer Account"

    I basically have this build: UD5, 4790k, 850 EVO 500 GB SSD. I followed the installation guide exactly and got to the post installation step and yosemite is hanging on the "Create a Computer Account"...
  13. fredmbarros

    Install memory stick while computer sleeps

    I know this is stupid... As stupid as it gets, but I did it. Last night I was trying to roll back from Yosemite to Mavericks and finally have been able to do it taking out a memory stick (all I was getting while trying to boot from USB were kernel panics, then it dawned on me to leave just one...
  14. UnDeaDAmP

    (Help) HDMI Audio on GA-Z97M-DS3H Will ticking this "Enable HDMI Audio" box enable HDMI Audio for my setup automatically? PARTS: Intel Core i3 4360 with Intel HD4600 Graphics ThermalTake 550w Power Supply GA-Z97M-DS3H Motherboard Ultra Defender II mATX case (with two preinstalled LED fans) Vizio...
  15. techsandvich10

    Need Help in Post-Installation of Mavericks on Sony Vaio

    Hi, I have succesfully installed Mavericks on my sony vaio svf152113n . Product Link - Can anyone provide me with a step by step guide of what drivers to install using Multibeast to get my WiFi , Ethernet, Sound and BootLoader working . Thanks.
  16. freshynek

    Backup before trying different MultiBeast options

    What is the best procedure to make a Backup, before I try different MultiBeast options? I dont mean to clone the whole hard drive. Perhaps I could save just the S/L/E files and some other files and after the Kernel Panic use the Terminal to copy them back in place?