1. Eglez

    Intel nuc 5i3ryh

    Hi, I installed the Mac OS Sierra in my nuc 5i3ryh but I dont know what I need for Post-installation and how to do it.somebody can help me? Something else: My friend has a nuc 5i3ryh and he installed MacOS El Capitan.What he need and how he can do for the Post-installation?
  2. rexttg

    Correct Multibeast settings without crashing

    I'm hoping a seasoned professional (or anyone really) might be able to double check my mutlibeast config becuase last time I ran it I wasn't able to boot again. My rig: Motherboard: MSI Z87-GD65 CPU: Intel i7-4770K Graphics card: NVidia GTX780 from EVGA (using hdmi from graphics card to a...
  3. rexttg

    [Solved] Sierra Freezes at launch after install, MSI Z87-GD65

    Reached step 5 in the guide, when I try and boot Sierra from the HDD it shows the loading bar for about 75% of the way then displays the error icon instead of the apple and just freezes. Current motherboard settings: Optimized Defaults Intel Virtualization Tech ---- Disabled CFG-Lock...
  4. sayimdead

    Help (Need to know if I should remove these drivers)

    I get these screens when booting almost 60% of the time. Not sure what I should do.
  5. sdrose

    Question re: DSDT / SSDT and other info

    Hello all I've decided I want to update my *intosh system, based on an existing Gigabyte z77n-wifi motherboard and an i7 from about 5 years ago, with a clean and fresh install on a new SSD drive. I am using the Intel 4000 internal graphics, rather than a graphics card. Currently running on the...
  6. SubjectiveEffect

    Dual Booting with Clover?

    Hi everyone. I've just installed my first Hackintosh. MacOS is on one SSD and Windows 10 on another. Clover shows all my drives at startup but if I try to Boot with Legacy Windows it doesn't work - I get a black screen with a flashing cursor. If I use F12 at startup and choose my Windows HD it...
  7. Matt-x64

    Problem with post-installation on macOS Sierra

    I'm new to hackintosh and I was able to install macOS on my laptop. A Dell Inspiron 5458, Intel Core i3-5005U 2.0Ghz, 4GB of RAM and Intel Graphics 5500. But I'm having some issues on the post install, like I don't know which SMBIOS settings should I use for my laptop settings and which kexts...
  8. MokaFuzz

    Can't Get Through to OS After Install (El Capitan)

    So I finally broke and decided to update to El Capitan this week. I've "successfully" installed the OS on a brand new SSD, and on my old SSD that was running Yosemite (w/chameleon) but I can't seem to boot to anything but the installation screen. Sometimes I can hit the apple loading screen, but...
  9. brownknee

    Weird story involved.. internet stopped working

    I've been running my hackintosh on Yosemite 10.10.1 with no real issues for over a year. Im using: -GA-Z97X-UD5H-BK -CRUCIAL BALLISTIX TACTICAL LP 8GB (x2) -I was using a gtx 760 graphics card, but I started having issues with it and had to RMA it last week. Waiting for its return now. As...
  10. serek9


    Hey guys, I'm new in hackintosh, recently installed OSX 10.11.4 on my pc. The installation is done but i have problems with multibeast (drivers in general), please help me. My PC features: Gigabyte GA-H97M-D3H i7-4790K EVGA gtx 960 sc (4gb) 16gb RAM 120gb SSD (El capitan) 2tb HDD Sorry if my...
  11. Hendu17

    Post Install Help - El Capitan

    Hey guys, I just recently re-built my computer that was intended for Windows 10, but I need El Capitan in order to edit because I am working on a film that only shoots ProRes 4444 XQ and is only supported by apple. So with that being said I am a total beginner at this. ASRock Z97 Extreme4...
  12. r1k1-420

    Post Install Problems

    Hello. I installed Hackintosh (El Capitan) for Asus K551-LB. Mousepad/Keyboard on laptop worked before postinstall. Any ideas for repair? Atleast usb mouse works but cant login becouse dont have usb keyboard avaible at the moment. So any repair ideas atleast when i get usb keyboard laterz..
  13. patmsigx700

    Acer Aspire V3 772G need help !

    I really need help for my hackintosh. I hope someone can help me complete my post-installation. Please excuse my poor English. To clarify my configuration: Acer Aspire V3 772GIntel Core I5 - 4200 Dual core 2.5GHz HaswellSocket 947 rPGA Mother board Acer VA70-HW type 2 Bios Insyde Corp. V1.13...
  14. sydas

    Post-install issues with Yosemite / questions

    [edit: Ignore my initial post, fixed all of my issues, except #7 & #8, getting Airplay to work?] Hello! First off, my build: GA-Z87M-D3H Intel i5-4690K EVGA GeForce GTX 760 This is my first pc build ever, so far, it's not bad, learning a lot as I go. I have a few questions at the end of...
  15. biyover

    Kinks in new install 10.9.5

    Hi, I just finished a new Mavericks install (after a good trial-error-research-trial-error...) but have managed to get a functioning system going. I was having trouble with the hd4k video working, but seem to have got that sorted. RTL lan working. Swapped RTL wifi for Atheros, working...
  16. tyjacobsen37

    Questions on How to install a Graphics card on Dual-boot system well after initial build

    EDIT: Returning the Graphics Card. It is not compatable even with drivers. Will buy the 760 when I can. To begin, thank you tonymac and community for guiding me through to my amazing computer. I built my CustoMac last september with the following parts: Chipset: Intel Core i7-3770 Ivy...
  17. lukas77

    Multibeast after 10.8.2 Install

    Hi, I have a problem with selecting the appropriate options/drivers in multibeast 5.2.0. I couldn't find the DTDS for my motherboard and I'm not sure what I need to install to get everything working. I'd appreciate if you could please help me. My build: ASUS Sabertooth p67 r3 GTX670...