post instalation

  1. zulusanti15


    Hello everyone, I have a dual boot of Windows 11 along with MacOS Ventura on the same hard drive, (previously I used Mojave) but I decided to update and the truth is I'm lucky, in Mojave I used Clover. The problem is the following: 1)when I used CLOVER. with mojave and with the easyUEFI program...
  2. romanmykytiuk

    Can't boot to MacOS Catalina from 1 tryout

    Hey guys. I've installed macOS Catalina on my hardware and everything works smoothly. Shut down / Sleep, internet, audio, etc. I've used the Unibeast installation and post-installation process. The one thing that DOESN'T work is PC Turn On. I mean I can't boot into macOS from the first time I...
  3. TheRealPalmtree

    Lenovo s340 Keyboard working, touchpad not

    Laptop: Lenovo s340 14 inch I-5 8265u 8 gig DDR4 256 gig SSD (running exclusively macOS) Intel UHD 620 (this is also not working, 7mb of VRAM showing up in 'about this Mac'. Currently using RehabMan's UHD 630 plist as there's no UHD 620, any help about this problem would be much appreciated)...
  4. 1835er

    Program Interface won't load properly

    Hey, I recently installed Mac OS Mojave (10.14.1) on my Laptop (Lenovo Y50-70 FHD). Every preinstalled program is displayed as it should, but some programs I installed after have massive graphical issues. I included some pictures of an Example, my kexts and I've uploaded my config.plist. I hope...
  5. mahmoudcasio

    Post Installation For Dell Inspiron 15 3537

    Hello Professionals, I have Dell Inspiron 3537 with High Sierra 10.13.6 on it my specs: CPU: intel core(TM) i5-4200 1.60GHz 2.30 GHz GPU : Intel HD Graphics 4400 1536 MB & (AMD Radeon HD 8670M NOT INSTALLED) Ram: 8 GB Realtek High Definition Audio and 320 HHD and these things are not working...
  6. np1100

    MacOS won't boot from hard drive after post-installation, only from USB/Clover

    I just finished installation and the post-installation process. I followed the post-installation instructions from here: However, I still cannot boot from the drive I installed...
  7. YosemiteGio

    [Solved] MacOS doesn't boot from Clover installed on the SSD, it does from Clover on USB drive

    My configuration: i5-4460 Gigabyte Z97P-D3 rev 1.1 Asus Radeon RX 560 4GB Hi guys, I have this weird problem: I installed High Sierra on this configuration loading a large variety of kext in "Others" folder in USB...
  8. the32nday

    [SOLVED!!!] New Build - Post install negative

    I’ve been at this for the past several days and I’m trying to get to the Multibeast phase with the install but having no luck. The unibeast install finishes, restarts and leaves me with the screen shot attached. I try to boot macOS High Sierra but never make it to Step 5: Post installation with...
  9. rabbicit

    Post installation problem mac high seirra on ga-b150m d3h

    i used multi beast for setup drivers after setup myc os high seirra.. It's completing installation and after complete setup using multi beast then i give restart my pc. when it's opening after show apple logo it's goes down not opening at all.. please can anyone help me for solve post...
  10. mrapple20

    Some help with HP Pavilion laptop...

    Hello tonymacx86! I have purchased an HP Pavilion 15-cc023cl for college. I am a huge OS X fan and hackintoshed the old family laptop on Mountain Lion back in the day. However, this new laptop seems to have some issues. I used said laptop to create a Sierra USB drive using RehabMan's guide. It...
  11. chandramauli123

    Buying Advice:Options are in the description box

    Options are: 1)HP 15-be011tu Notebook Specifications: 6th Gen Intel Core i3- 4GB RAM- 1TB HDD Graphics Processor Intel HD Graphics 6000 AUDIO Speakers Dual Speakers Sound Effect DTS Studio Sound CONNECTIVITY Ethernet (RJ45 LAN Port) Upto 100 Mbps WiFi 802.11b/g/n Bluetooth v4.0 2) Lenovo...
  12. doccykaaa7

    Full acceleration with Radeon R9 270

    Hello guys! I really need help in relation with using FakeID. I'm running El Capitan on my PC. I already used FakeID (frankly, just tried to). As you can read in the title, I have a Radeon R9 270. This is not an OOB card, and I'm aware of the fact, that I need to do some spoofing. I went into...
  13. benmehart

    XFX R9 390 Post-installation Issues - macOS 10.12.6

    Hello! I am having problems trying to get my R9 390 to function normally inside macOS Sierra. I have just installed macOS on my pc (specs down below) and my GPU has three main issues: Only 7MB of vram is showing up in system report Only one display is receiving proper signal. I have 3...
  14. TheVector89

    Drivers for kaby lake build.

    Hello guys. i've installed sucesfully osx sierra into my pc, but i'm not able to use clover EFI and to download (and install) the right drivers for my build. Can you help me? My build: - CPU: i5 7600 - Motherboard: MSI Z270a tomahawk artic - VGA: GTX 780Ti
  15. AndreasPapavasiliou


    My Machine: Motherboard: GA-Z170N-WIFI CPU: Skylake i5 6500K GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX1050 Ti SC RAM: 8GB DDR4 After I installed macOS Sierra using the guide installation found on this site and using multibeast to install drivers the only error I managed to fix was the ethernet. Everything else...
  16. vinuvarghese2012

    Error while Installing Multibeast in Sierra

    I've installed MacOS Sierra from bootable USB. In post installation with MultiBeast, met with an error saying "MultiBeast installation failed. Try to install MultiBeast.log" Need help!
  17. evavitsas

    What Audio Drivers do I need?

    Hello all, I am building a Hackintosh, and I am confused about which audio drivers I need to install in multi beast. My motherboard is a gigabyte Lga 1151 z170. Could anyone help?
  18. dizzydre21

    Would someone mind helping me with my Sierra build?

    Look to bottom for TL;DR I am looking for links, guides available that somewhat matches my gear. Personal assistance would also be super awesome. I have already found some great guides for El Capitan, but I would really like to read up on and have some assistance getting my hardware...
  19. rbacon316

    HP Elitebook Folio 9480m

    Hi, I'm using an HP Elitebook Folio 9480m. I am running Mac OS X Sierra. I'm not sure how I can find kexts for my system, I attempted to google without success. I'm currently in the process of attempting to patch my DSDT. Will that fix everything or do I still need to use kext files? Sorry for...
  20. hanseny

    Graphics Card Issue with Asus GTX 750

    I am recently new to the hackintosh world and am seeking guidance with my first build. So far everything seems to work, except for my graphics 100%. I have attached pictures for what is happening when I boot the computer. I have tried to follow as many steps, forums, youtube videos as I can...