1. wallytooters

    AMD & B550 woes

    Hello, I'm able to boot from UEFI USB then Press 2 to install MacOS Base Extended - but running into the following error(s). Would appreciate any advice! Here's the dirty on my OC 0.7.2 KEXTS: VirtualSMC 1.2.7 Lilu 1.5.6 WhateverGreen 1.5.3 AppleALC 1.6.4 RealtekRTL8111 2.4.2...
  2. HelitonJunior5454

    Nvidia web driver installed but not working

    Webdriver installed Does not work Can someone experienced take a look at my Plist? OBS : The graphics card is only identified when using the Nvidia Inject i7-7700k Asus Prime250M EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 24 Ram SSD - 1TB Kext : EMUVARIABLE LILU
  3. brownknee

    (RESOLVED) Slow boot on apple logo 10.13.6

    Hello, I've had my hackintosh running for a few months now just fine, but it is starting to boot really slowly recently. I've looked and tried a few fixes, that shaved off about half of the loading time, but now Im stuck. I've disabled TRIM added config.plist/Boot/Debug=false Initially the...
  4. A.Tony

    I have 2 EFI Folders. How do i find out which one my Hackintosh is using? And which PLIST my Hackintosh is using?

    Question is shown above. I really dont know why i have an EFI and and an EFI2 Folder when i mount my drive. Please help:(
  5. bushmaster80

    Clover Config (old way/new way) explanation

    Can anyone with a greater knowledge of Clover and config.plists than me (shouldn't be hard!) explain a few bits please? After having a dickens of a job trying to change my serial number without it continually rebooting: Gone in 60 seconds! (Clover/Sierra continuous reboot after serial no...
  6. Atown

    How do you edit the Plist?

    Hello everybody, I have just completed my first hackintosh setup using this exact build : (All the way down to the case). I'm trying to follow a guide on how to enable multiple displays on this system. The guide can be found here. How...
  7. nik012003

    Acer Swift 3 High Sierra Install

    Hi guys, I recently bought a Acer Swift 3 with this specs: -1920x1080 screen -i5 7200U -8 GB RAM -Intel PCIe NVME SSD 256Gb I prepared the USB with Unibeast 8.0, applied some patches and installed this kexts: -FakePCIID -FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics -FakePCIID_Intel_HDMI_Audio -FakeSMC...
  8. blckb3ard

    [Solved] Pascal NVidia Web Drivers for 10.12.5

    Hi! I changed to the required OS build in the plist, tried running "sudo kextcache -system-prelinked-kernel" but then i get "String/URL conversion failure. NVDAStartupWeb.kext has incorrect permissions; omitting. KernelCache ID: A7C296C7C342B96085E97B78B82E7CDB String/URL conversion...
  9. Mr.Read

    Hackintosh Samsung Series9 NP900X3D

    Hello to everyone, I need help to hack my NP900X3D but I tried two different methods without any results. In the first case I followed the main actual guide of hackintosh, classical method with Unibeast in UEFI mode, all boot well but after 2 minutes of Apple loading installation abort. So I...
  10. Garyloffler

    Multibeast does not change config.plist

    I had my system working but the video was not quite right. I determined the correct video driver for my motherboard and created a new startup list using Multibeast but it not only failed, but now I have to manually reset both the USB and Graphic Injection options at start up. When I save a...
  11. samueladammartin

    Graphics still not working/config.plist help.

    Hey So I have tried a lot of things to try to get this graphics card to work. I'm even getting glitches when using integrated graphics...don't know why this would happen. I am going to post my Config.plist in hopes that some one will see something in it that I need to change to get graphics...
  12. AngryG

    Multiple config.plist files in EFI partition

    In various clover guides it says edit the config.plist file, but in my EFI partition I have 3, at the following locations: EFI > EFI > CLOVER > OEM > SystemProductName > config.plist EFI > EFI > CLOVER > OEM > SystemProductName > UEFI > config.plist EFI > EFI > CLOVER > Config.plist Which do...
  13. MarkTully

    Accidentally deleted SystemVersion.plist file. Need a SystemVersion.plist file ASAP!

    Hello everyone. Been installing some software and thus have edited System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist file from 10.10 to 10.9.1 in order to install software properly. After the installation I forgot to switch SystemVersion.plist back to normal and then restarted PC. Obviously...
  14. Peskyleo

    Hidden kext and .plist files

    The problem is my kexts are not loading because most of them have hidden files in them, (info.plist). I need to find a way to unhide them, otherwise they won't load. I could go and do it one by one but its just not feasible because there are hundreds of them, is there a quicker way? If not...
  15. neokensou

    Editing plist doesn't work

    [Semi-Solved]Editing plist doesn't work Hi people. First of all, thanks for your work. I have been looking for an answer in the forum but i have no clue why this is not working. Sorry for my english, im spanish and my english level is horrible. I have used Unibeast and Multibeast last version...
  16. dogxsx

    Missing Info.plist for kext?

    Hello, by browsing in system report I realized that the mPCI-e card of my Asus V Maximus Extreme is recognised as a bcm20702a0 device attached to an hub usb (since when mPCI-e are recognized as USB instead that PCI? I guess since always since always but I've never noticed that so far). Now I...
  17. tombosch

    Only able to boot with -x flag after App Store fix

    After updating to 10.8.2. my App Store/iMessage won't open. I fixed it to paste the Ethernet hex to boot.plist but now I only be able to boot with -x. My boot.plist: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN"...
  18. corebuilder

    HP ProBook 4540s [Working File]

    Dear HP ProBook 4540s user and all devs Please submit the tested and working files (kexts, DSDT, plist, patches) for HP ProBook 4540s here thanks
  19. LePresident


    Dear esteemed forum members, I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 Hackint0sh and there is no com.Apple.boot.plist It is not in: Library/Preferences/ It is not in: /Extra Spotlight does not show anything, I need to edit the boot file to fix the boot screen resolution. Thankyou