please advise

  1. LucasMorris

    Stuck in boot loop after Multibeast update

    I recently installed 10.13.6 and everything was fine except my USB ports--external drives didn't seem to work. Read here to install “Remove XHCI USD Port Limit” and “USB Inject All” with Multibeast, did that, and now my PC restarts during boot. Things I've tried: - Can get in with safe mode...
  2. princeramteke

    please suggest proper post installation steps

    I am a first time builder and i am facing problems with post installation. Please suggest the proper post installation steps in multibeast which i need to follow. My specs are- i3 6100 msi h110m pro vh plus gt1030 8gb kinston hyperx furry 2133...
  3. isundhar

    AppleIntelLpssI2CController - IOProviderClass IOResources

    Got stuck in here With kernel panic. Seriously need help here. refer screenshot. Thanks in advance.
  4. jing009

    will there ever be a nic card application for hackintosh?

    Im not a programmer but it be nice if we all had something like this Run Application NIC Find .....starting search auto finds net card ... cant it find look for it manually ...... please choose vender like intel broadcom etc- please enter model version {model} injects into plist of kext...
  5. dmjaffe1

    HELP A N00B - HP Pavilion 510-p030 Desktop (Core i7, 12 GB RAM, 1TB HDD)

    ***DISCLAIMER*** This is about to be a super N00B (****)post. My knowledge when it comes to hardware is extremely limited, hence this post. I really appreciate anybody who has the time to read/answer. I recently purchased this desktop computer - It's an HP Pavilion 510-p030...
  6. patryk11

    yosemite installation help please

    I successfully factory reset the windows operating system I had on one of my seagate 500gb hdd. I was able to boot and get into the disk utility on mac to partition my drive. I was able to partition and installed yosemite on the seagate 500gb hdd that previously had windows on it. When i boot to...
  7. Fang87k

    OSX Install Halts with a Error Circle (Slash Sign - Like no smoking)

    I have an HP Z400 Workstation with an Intel Xeon processor, 4 GB of RAM, two 500 GB Seagate HDDs, and my BIOS is 3.02 (HP version) which blocked me from doing the all the required BIOS changes, any way around this??? I have time to wait but would like to get it up and running. Thanks in advance.