1. Kram

    My very first MacPro case mod

    Hello, This week I got all my part for my PC (sorry) and hopefully the next few weeks I will finish my MacPro based case mod. I joined to share my experience and ideas and also my struggles, and I hope all will come in the end good I will built something cool. On the way I am 100% sure I will...
  2. KtheAwesonest

    Building a Mac questions. Please answer clearly and I will be very thankful! :)

    Hello Everyone, my name is Kiren. So what I am trying to do is a little unique. So my sister had a Mac Book Air 13in (Mid 2012) that broke back in Feb. So I thought last week that I should make my own Mac. Then I remembered the broken Mac. So I took out the RAM and the hard drive. The...