1. MaxPsql

    VGA AMD and 10-bit color channel

    Hi everyone, I use a hackintosh with High Sierra for photographic postproduction and currently I have an nVidia Quadro P620, Photoshop is no longer updatable on this OS. I would like to change VGA and switch to AMD to upgrade to Big Sur. Could you tell me if the Amd Radeon Pro WX3100 is...
  2. bobcatcommander

    << Solved >> Photoshop work very slow and lag issue

    Hello, dear friends. Recently I was make my second build High Sierra, based on Intel Xeon E5-2640 (6 cores, 12 threads), 16GB RAM (DDR3), Huanan X79 and Nvidia GTX1060 (6 GB). All work perfectly, except working in Adobe Photoshop and Figma (that strange). This programs working with big and...
  3. iPatch

    [Success] Upgrade from High Sierra to Catalina

    I upgraded directly from High Sierra to Catalina without any major issues, once I switched to a compatible GPU. Photoshop 2020 (v21.0.1) and the new Lightroom Classic v9.0 (Camera Raw v12) became unstable and jerky with High Sierra and the GeForce 1060 GPU with the last Adobe update. I replaced...
  4. MacOrDie

    Higher Sierra, Sapphire pulse radeon RX 580 8gb, and Adobe CC 2018

    It is time for a video card upgrade and upon reading all of your excellent posts and guides, it looks like the Sapphire pulse radeon RX 580 8gb is a great choice that works OOB. I was wondering if anyone running Adobe CC 2018 could comment on compatibility and performance with PhotoShop...
  5. loscamos2

    Photoshop bad performance

    I am having bad performances with photoshop such as lag and choppines. Any idea? 8700k Z370 Aorus Gaming Gtx 1070 Latest Cuda Nvidiaweb and GraphicFixup. Running 10.13.4
  6. theobear

    [Solved] Card for running a wacom cintiq and photoshop

    Hello, I built a hackintosh a year or so ago and it had been working wonderfully until my onboard video stopped working. When i tried using the second port of my EVGA GeForce GT 740 2GB my system slowed to a crawl. I'm using version Sierra 10.12.6. Should that card be powerful enough to run...
  7. samgurung

    Photoshop cc Crashes on High Sierra

    Hi all, I have a Core i7 4th gen with 16 Gb RAM and HD graphics hackintosh build. Which works great but expect when it comes to Photoshop cc 2018. It crashes when I use the "move tool" to move anything around in the program. Weirdly enough Photoshop CC 2017 works just fine without any issues...
  8. bmoag

    Nivida and Photoshop

    I have been using nVidia graphics cards with Photoshop and hackintoshes since Snow Leopard, currently a 970 all updated to the latest/greatest version of High Sierra. In my experience there has been a gradual deterioration of stability with successive versions of OSX and the nVidia driver when...
  9. IBICO

    Lightroom CC with high sierra

    Anyone else that are using Adobe cloud service with Photoshop and Lightroom CC running on hackintosh? I am running the cylinder mac pro today, and want to make a hackintosh build instead. But since I am a photographer and use Adobe I need to have this running 100%. So does anyone her run this?
  10. alexdr

    Photoshop lags - designers help / Gtx 960 i5

    All system work great and smooth. All almost native, minimal fixes. But only Photoshop cc have lags. 1. Photoshop setting changed - no results (disable acceleration - more slowly) 2. System and Photoshop see video card (GTX 960) - OK. Web drivers (378.05.25f01) 3. I m try use...
  11. 20four80five

    Upgrade: GeForce GTX 1050 Video Card

    Hello, I've been having Photoshop issues with my Intel HD4600 so I have decided to buy an EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 discrete graphics card. Is there a specific order of changes/settings in Clover and/or in the BIOS that I have to follow before and after I install the GTX 1050 graphics card? Thanks.
  12. 20four80five

    Photoshop CC 2017 Crashing / Intel HD 4600

    I am trying to figure out why Photoshop keeps crashing on me when editing photos. It simply stops and the app closes. The Report is attached. Along with some of my Clover Settings. Has anyone else run into this issue before and fixed it? I had used the Advanced Setting under Performance...
  13. skyscrab

    Photoshop CC keeps crashing (maybe RX 480 related)

    Hi @ all, I have a 6700k on a Z170A gaming Pro running a RX 480 So far acceleration works and everything is fine except for Photoshop CC. When I open it, it immediately crashes the whole system. I have to cut power or press on/off for 5 seconds. Has anyone running a RX 480 with photoshop CC...
  14. jakerieger

    GTX 970 - Adobe Applications Crash

    I had this problem on my AMD hackintosh too but I have Photoshop and Premiere installed on my Sierra hackintosh (specs below). Premiere crashes when I tell the project to use GPU acceleration and Photoshop crashes in general after the splash screen. It's apparent that it's due to incompatibility...
  15. Nicoth2709

    Low Performance Photoshop etc.

    Hallo Guys, I successfully installed Sierra on my PC and it Runs very smooth. The only Problem is, that Photoshop for example is a Bit laggy when i Drag something. I got a i7 4770, GTX970 and 32GB RAM, photoshop uses 22 of it. I already have the latest Nvidia webdriver and CUDA driver. And...
  16. griffink

    Fcpx & photo editing Hackintosh

    I am making a Hackintosh for mostly video editing in fcpx and some photo editing in photoshop and lightroom. Heres the list of parts I was thinking: cpu: Intel Core i7-4790K motherboard: Z170M Mortar gpu: XFX RADEON RX 480 8GB ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 3000 C15 ssd: Samsung 850 EVO...
  17. vichti

    LGA 2011-v3 Hackintosh Build Configuration. Is it alright?

    Hi folks, Sooooo my 2009 iMac is starting to feel a little slow so I want to replace it with a new Hackintosh Build. This would be my first Hackintosh Build! I am a student so money is always tight but Hackintosh gives me the opportunity to build a strong mac system not having to take out a...
  18. tizzyd

    Adobe CC 2015 causing complete reboot

    First, here's the system: Clover boot loader (using MacPro 6,1 information) Gigabyte Z97MX-Gaming 5 Intel i7 4790K (not overclocked) Crucial Ballistix Sport XT 32GB Kit (8GBx4) DDR3 1866 MT/s EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB FTW+ GAMING ACX 2.0+ OS X 10.11.4 (along with MacPro6,1 video fix) Latest...
  19. katskill

    ADVICE FOR VIDEO/PHOTO/MUSIC BUILD (Photoshop cc/Premiere Pro cc/ After Effects / Logic Pro)

    ​Hello everybody, it's been a while that i want to build an Hackintosh, and thanks to the april's buyer's guide i decide to start the adventure :D i would like to build an hackintosh for PHOTO, VIDEO editing in 4K(Photoshop cc/Premiere Pro cc/ After Effects) and MUSIC creation (Logic Pro x) ...
  20. josephbates1973

    Which motherboard for photoshop?

    I want to build a Hack pro for photoshop use only and was wondering what would be the best motherboard to get and why. I have never built a computer before so in an ideal world I would like to keep it simple. In order to maximise photoshop performance, I will have the max ram and at least one...