photo edit

  1. marksalmon

    First Build advice.

    Hi all, I've been a mac user for the best part of 20years and now I'm fed up of their current offerings - I'm very keen to get into Hackintosh builds, this will be my first! I have a couple of main requirements; Mainly Photo retouching and editing, and occasional gaming. I've worked up two...
  2. Chambets

    Prospecting, GPU choice

    Hi I'm considering building a CustoMac Pro, following the Buyer's Guide of this tremendous site. They recommend one GPU only for this build, the Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8GB. Is this the sole GPU compatible with the recommended Motherboards? If not, have you tried another GPU, with have turned...
  3. adrian2043

    Advice on Intel iMac Hack for photo editing

    I currently have a 2011 27" iMac with16GB ram, mainly tasked with photo editing in Lightroom 6.Since mid-August (about when I upgraded to Yosemite), I've had intermittent display issues.While often having no problems when booting up, it will occasionally flicker in use and sometimes will remain...