pentium/celeron open core hackintosh

  1. jessem54

    macOS CPU Issue

    Hi guys, i´ve tried to install macOS on my laptop for basic applications it only can be used on macOS. I installed macOS versions from Sierra to Catalina sucesfull (I am currently trying fix this on High Sierra) but in all of those versions haves a comun problem and that is the multiplier of the...
  2. Gigamaxx

    Pentium/Celeron Open Core desktop Guide

    Open Core Pentium/Celeron Guide. Catalina Preface This guide is based on the Kernel patch and Emulate functions of Open Core Bootloader. Thanks to the work of PMHeart we have the needed Emulate settings and thanks to vit9696 we have the Kernel Patches needed to use Pentium and Celeron systems...