1. dextertrial

    Dual Video Card on PCIEX16 and PCI

    Hello I`m currently running this setup: P7H55 2.81 GHz Intel Core i5 8gigs of RAM Nvidia 660GTX 2gb I`m using it for various graphics applications including lately DaVinci Resolve and I`d like to get a GUI GPU for it so it can use the full power of my 660 for the video processing,but...
  2. brickpower

    Need a 4 port PCIE non-RAID sata controller

    Hiya, I need a preferably cheap non RAID 4 port SATA controller that is compatible with Mavericks and Windows 7/8.1. I would really appreciate some advice since I have like 3 different controllers here and none of them work with the hackintosh. I'm reluctant to increase the size of my...
  3. dustincole

    PCI-E express hard drives

    All of the newer macs feature pcie express hard drives which is supposed to significantly increase memory speeds compared to sata. However I can't seem to find any pcie hard drive information in any of the hackintosh builds. Does anyone know why this is? Thanks!
  4. Pangea20

    Accel PCIe problem _ Pro tools HD9

    Hopefully i'm posting in the right place.. I'm having issues with my newly installed Accel card, some of my busses have random white noise. the noise is always present but going up and down in level. (sounds like a wind on a mic) my pro tools setup have been working flawlesly for 1 year with...
  5. andrii.burka

    Mavericks - GeForce 7600GS (256MB PCIex) seems like 3MB basic VGA

    I have this graphic card and motherboard EP45-UD3R GIGABYTE. I have a problem with the video card. Even if i put NVEnabler.kext, the resolution is the same. Only 1024x768. Sys-info shows the model and specification but its simply just text. Please someone to help me :beachball::crazy:
  6. digidesigner

    Best way enabling add-on PCIe USB3 card w. NEC/Renesas chip?

    Hi, It's the first day on my Hackintosh all is well, but I'm not sure if my NEC/Renesas USB3 controller works as it should. I had a hard drive connected to it and all of a sudden the error popped up saying HDD was not properly ejected. HDD just got disconnected as if the cable was pulled. So...
  7. oneme

    Strange behavior GA-Z77X-UP4-TH with Mavericks

    Since I updated Maverick I'm being experiencing strange behavior on the normal usage of my computer. My specs are: GA-Z77X-UP4-TH, Intel i7 3770K, 32GB, 2 X SDD OCZ Agility 3 240GB RAID 0 using the MOBO ports SATA 3 where Windows 7 is installed, PCIe SATA Controller Card (StarTech PEXSAT32)...
  8. heyyoumen

    PCIe FireWire 800 Card Haswell?

    Dear All I'm looking for a PCIe card with FireWire 800 for my new Haswell Hack with i7-4770K and Gigabyte Z87x-OC, i'm wondering if anyone knows a good card? or if this Rosewill one will work ? http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815166027 Also, if its possible to fit a PCIe...
  9. krass76

    Asus rog raidr pcie

    Hey guys, I stumbled across pcie ssds and found the raidr from asus, which is pretty interesting to me. The website claims that it is to be recognized as a standard ACHI device by the BIOS/UEFI and thus should work driverless. Knowing that OS X handles ACHI devices very well, I asked my...
  10. joepshoulak

    4-port PCIE SATA III Controller for GA-Z77-DS3H

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a PCIE card that will allow me to connect 4 SATA drives (preferably SATA III) internally. I'm specifically working with a Gigabyte Z77 DS3H. Does anyone know of any that work natively?
  11. ihackpro

    [CONTENT CREATION HACKINTOSH] PCIe Flash Storage Hackable?

    PCIe Flash Storage Compatibility List Hi tonymacx86 community, I'm really interested in PCIe Flash Storage since the new 2013 Mac Pro will be taking advantage of this technology. I've been looking into Hackintosh compatible cards and haven't found any confirmed working list on tonymacx86 or...
  12. Jeffinslaw

    OWC Mercury Accelsior PCIe SSD with Windows 7

    Has anyone used this PCIe SSD before? I just purchased one and I have NOT been able to get Windows to install to it. I spent an hour and a half today with OWC tech support and we verified that it is working but I cannot get Windows installed to it. This is the error message I receive...
  13. damonab

    RocketRaid 2720

    Highpoint's web support requires having purchased the product and registering the serial number, and I have not yet purchased the 2720. There is no other contact or support channel available through their site that I can find. Likewise, I have Googled a bit and searched the forums here without...
  14. eyelight

    PCIe x4 slot not working on Gigabyte UP5 TH

    I built the following system and recently added the second GPU (the 680), and now the PCIe x4 slot doesn't work. I hadn't used that slot previously, as the High Point card was moved from the x8 slot to the x4 slot to accommodate the new GPU. Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH Ivy Bridge 3.5Ghz Quad i7...
  15. DarfWeder

    mSATA SSD in WWAN mini PCIe slot possible?

    Has anyone tried to put an mSATA SSD "drive" in the WWAN (full size) mini PCIe slot in the Probook 4530s? Is the drive then recognised? Are there restrictions like for the BT/Wifi card so it has to be some specific HP part (I guess not but you never know). How does one go about 'moving' the...