1. Runi

    PCI-e mSATA raid controller not detected

    this is a RAID controller that makes it possible to pair a M.2 disk with physical HDD and creating a HyperDuo array. It has been working flawlessly for years until now. The reason is that i updated my Opencore to the latest version 0.9.6 along with all kext files and then i updated the OS to...
  2. fadis96

    BCM94322MC PCI-E Adapter

    Hi all, I was given a Wifi and bluetooth card (BCM94322MC) extracted from an iMac. Will this be supported in the latest versions of OSX and what adapter can I buy?? Im running OSX 10.13.4 Thanks in advance
  3. JingleDjango

    SATA III Controller Cards - IOCrest SI-PEX40062

    There are many chipsets and manufacturers. Forum threads offer conflicting advice. I do not need RAID support. I simply want to up my internal port count with good throughput for any additional storage. The card I'm leaning towards based on price, features and availability is the IOCrest...
  4. RhubarbMac

    Any way of building a Hackingtosh without access to an Intel Mac?

    Hi, I have a power pc mac, an early G4, but there are various roadblocks that prevent me from getting a copy of intel OSX, not least the version of Safari that it has not recognising various new Apple urls. <Cut> I have removed the original question 1 as this was pointed out to break forum...
  5. MissCatD

    Burned Out on Understanding Internal Apple Bluetooth/Wifi Compatibility with OS X Sierra 2017. Help…

    Okay, ladies and gentlemen, so let's first get out of the way that I am indeed a Hackintosh building Newbie. I have, however, spent an entire week doing countless hours of research on how to make the ideal desktop computer for my needs [video editing, graphic design, digital illustration and...
  6. siemka256

    VIA VT1708S P8H61-MX r2.0

    Hi, I've got a mobo: P8H61-MX r2.0 with an on-board audio: VIA VT1708S, currently on Yosemite 10.10.5. Unfortunately, I cannot get any sound out of this motherboard. Has anyone managed to get it working? I have tried this...
  7. trent9645

    Need PCI-E USB 3.0 Card

    Need to know PCI-E USB 3.0 cards that work natively in Yosemite. No kexts needed.
  8. Rikoshet

    Gigabyte ga-x99m gaming 5 USB3.0 hdd keep disconnecting

    Hi guys! I have some problems on this machine otherwise it is a great setup! So, the problems: 1. usb3.0 hdd keep disconnecting. I'm using latest FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext and FakePCIID.kext. With this kext my Clevo laptop work great. 2. my samsung pci-e ahci ssd working on 2 instead of...
  9. Ommudra

    Rosewill PCI-e WiFi Adapter not working

    Rosewill PCI-e WiFi Adapter not working in OSX Yosemite Issue: Rosewill AC1200PCE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac not working Chipset: Realtek RTL-8812AU Working fine via Win8. In theory it should work in OSX with these drivers, which I installed...
  10. Malcicus

    GA-Z87M-D3H with TP-Link TL-WDN4800

    Hi! I have seen here configurations with this two, but when i watching the motherboard, i can't imagine, where to take the wifi card. is it because the mobo has no pci-e 1x card slot, but the wdn4800 would have that. (and in the buyers guide, they recommend this pair) So here is my question...
  11. Derr1ck

    Which Wifi PCI-e Card?

    Hi All, I would like to know which wifi card I need to get for my hackintosh to work I currently have Intel 7260 and I just bought the AzureWave AW-NE773 Atheros AR9280 AR5BHB92 Half Mini PCIE which doesn't fit my laptop. Looks like a need full height PCI-E card. Thanks
  12. okinawanmatt

    PCI-e to SATA Controller Card for Mac 10.9.2 (ASM1061 vs Marvell 88 SE 9215)

    My mobo of Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4 TH has 6 SATA ports, which I thought would be enough. However, the mSATA drive slot on the mobo is on the same bus as the 6th SATA port, so I can only use one or the other (plugging in an mSATA disables the 6th SATA port). To get around this issue, I figured...
  13. Mari0

    WiFi on PCI-E 802.11ac card?

    Q: Did you found/tested any WiFi PCI-E 802.11ac (dual band) card compatible with Mavericks?
  14. maccheese4

    Wi-fi problems AR-9382 chipset

    Hello everyone, I just bought a new pci-e wireless card and it is recognized in MacOS 10.9.2 Mavericks but it will not recognize any nearby networks and is essentially non-functional. The card has an Atheros AR9382 chipset. I saw on some other posts from mid-last year that some people were...
  15. nfskyosho85

    Wi-Fi Adapter or card for CustoMac

    I'm looking for a PCI-E Wi-Fi card that will be supported by OS X Mavericks. Can anyone recommend one that they use, and what motherboard you are using with it?
  16. Pappnase

    OS X Mavericks freezing after boot

    Hi all, I'm running OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 on a SATA drive. Today, I bought an ASUS ROG RAIDR EXPRESS PCI Express SSD 240 GB. I installed Mavericks on it. I found out, that the PCI-E Card only works if the switch is in legacy mode. And now, when I'm choosing Mavericks on the chimera bootscreen...
  17. igorenya

    Looking for an PCI-E Ethernet card natively supported by OS X Mavericks

    Hi All, Several days ago I have purchased new hardware specifically to build my new Hackintosh. All config was purchased based on this instruction http://www.tonymacx86.com/405-building-customac-buyer-s-guide-december-2013.html#custo_pro Currently I have only one issue. I would like to...
  18. bloodstrike

    PCI-e WiFi, attach Bluetooth to unused antenna?

    Not sure if this is the place to ask this, but here's my question. Following a lot of the guides out there, I picked up an Apple mini PCI-e airport card and a mini PCI-e to PCI-e adapter card with 3 antennas link this one (quick google search): . The Airport cards only have two antenna...