pci configuration end

  1. jepetal

    Mojave instalation keeps getting stuck on [PCI configuration end]

    Hey, For the past 3 days, I've been trying to setup my hackintosh without any success. I've followed many guides on how to do it, including the tonymacx86 one. I also configured my BIOS as told on the tonymacx86 guide. I always try to install in verbose mode, and it seems to always be getting...
  2. hirohiro123

    PCI Configuration End

    I'm trying to boot MacOS EI capitan Installer but i cant it keeps saying PCI Configuration End my system Z170N-WIFI Core i3 6100 GT730 felmi help me!
  3. thingblob

    Install Hangs at Various Errors.

    Hey, so this is my first post on the tonymacx86 forums and I NEED to post in order to get my Hackintosh up and running. I am trying to get a system dual booted with Windows 10/Yosemite, but that is not really working out for me. Wait, before I say anything else: This is a laptop (ASUS X401A...
  4. pyron

    Unibeast installer [ PCI configuration end ]

    Hi ! :) I'm trying to install Yosemite with this config : MotherBoard Formosa IPMMB-FM (link) CPU i7 3770k Ram 4go / 1.6mhz Graphfic : AMD Radeon HD 7950 3go I followed the step Load Optimized Defaults => I didn't find it If your CPU supports VT-d, disable it -> ok i disabled on my BIOS If...
  5. rvbz

    Yosemite update hang on PCI configuration end

    Hi guys, today I updated my hackintosh to Yosemite via the appstore, I read that if you have clover bootloader it will be no problem, so I updated it. So far so good, the installer ended and I entered to Yosemite and everithing was perfect. The problem comes when I restarted the machine I...