pci card

  1. Krapomatic

    ProTools HDX and Designare x299

    Hey all ! I finally got a pretty powerfull build from a italian company with a 10th gen i9 and a Deisgnare X299 with BigSur. All the apps and plugs have been installed. Everything is working fine. Now, it's time for the HDX card (big PCI card for those who don't know) to be plugged in it's new...
  2. NoiseFreak

    After installing PCIe SATA Controller Catalina wont start.

    Hey Guys, I updated my Hackintosh with 2 Nvme SSDs, in this way 2 of my SATA connectors wont work so I installed a PCI SATA Controller. In windows 10 it works fine, no problems. But in Catalina it boot and when the screen change from the Apple to the Main Screen i just have multicolored snow...
  3. sightlysuperior

    PCI SATA Expansion

    Hey everyone, How's things? I have a PCI based Sata expansion card, ASM1062 Serial ATA Controller This card runs on PCI Express 2.0 rather than 3.0 Obviously I'd prefer to use a PCI 3 card. Are there any OOB options out there for me? EDIT: I am also told the card I have is quite slow, I...
  4. YossarianKen44

    Pre Building questions

    I have been a long time mac user and I'm still running my early 2009 MacPro on El Capitan. I have been holding out for a suitable scale-able replacement from Apple but I am just tired now and think I'm going hackintosh route. The costs have gotten out of hand in my opinion too. I have always...
  5. swgdesign

    High Sierra compatible PCI USB 3 cards?

    I've maxed out all the ports on my ASUS Z370-Prime A and need more! I've read lots on the forums but I cannot seem to find any info on High Sierra compatibility, although there are lots of posts relate relating to old OS versions. Can anyone recommend a working pci USB 3 card (powered if...
  6. hockeycrush

    ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero & SYBA Firewire PCIe card - sleep / wake issue

    Recently added a PCIe firewire card (SYBA SY-PEX30016) to my build as my motherboard didn't have one, and I plug in my audio interface through firewire to get my speakers working. It all works beautifully, but when my computer goes to sleep and wakes up, the speakers stop working. When I shut...
  7. hockeycrush

    Firewire PCIe card for ASUS Maximus IX Hero / Kaby Lake

    Hi all, just got my first Hackintosh up and running, only to realise my (6-pin) firewire Audio Interface has nowhere to go on my new motherboard. I'm looking to get a PCIe firewire card so that I can use my firewire audio interface - it's by far the cheaper option, rather than buying a USB...
  8. Geco

    Bluetooth not working with different recommended BT-Modules (according to the Buyer's Guide)

    I've bought three different BT-Modules, but I don't get them to work... properly. Let me explain it to you. (Symptoms and description of both USB-Nano Adapters, first entry and last entry, are the same.) The USB-Nano Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter by CSL The first one I tested was a BT-4.0-Modul I've...
  9. Travis-PotatoMan

    TP-Link WDN4800 Kernel Panic when installed HELP

    I recently built a Hackintosh that worked perfectly, but didn't have any wifi capabilities. I bought a WDN4800 PCI wireless adapter because many forums claimed it worked without any problems. I ran into a problem though. When I boot with the card not in the system, it works great but obviously...
  10. parisnakitakejser

    Thunderbolt 3 card?

    Hi, i'm looking for Tunderbolt 3 card, there shut be supported in a hackingtos? can enyhow help me here? :)
  11. iamsanoj

    Please need advice to buy wireless PCI Adapter

    hi everyone, Recently I build one hackintosh with intel core i7 6700k Asus z170 gaming pro mono Hyper evo 212 cpu cooler cs750 semi modular pus msi r9 270x 2gb gfx apple Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard I would like to get native wireless connectivity. I have seen 2 product in eBay. PCI...
  12. Winthryth

    Mini PCI-E to PCI-E Adapter shorting-out Mobo

    I decided to make this post because I was having this problem where my AW-CE123H wifi card, plugged into a Mini PCI-E to PCI-E adapter, was shorting out my mobo. I know others who have had this problem too, and I couldn't find any posts talking about this problem. On particular wifi cards...
  13. dolgarrenan

    DSDT Fixes for Asus Z170M-Pro

    Hello everyone, I know most of you would say "warnings and comments are not important", but I'm on a mission to make my dsdt perfect, (or very close to) I've come across this warnings and comments/optimizations on various Z170 based boards, so it'll help others too I'm sure. see pic. Now, for...