1. mixed91

    DSDT SSDT problem

    Hello, when im patching dGPU OFF (_OFF() or _PS3() methods to _INI ), laptop fan always spiniing at 100%. Can anybody help me plz?
  2. ipiPObreve

    Help ssdt patch for battery status

    Hi I already patched the ssdt and the status is working but is not taking the correct values for my battery and because of it its accuracy is not good, its durations is about 1hour, but my battery is better than that, can someone point what i'm doing wrong? Another bug is that its jumping 10...
  3. Piero2411

    How do I know which kext I need?

    Hello to all I have a question about kext. Looking in the forum I have seen few guides with my MOBO and related kext. I noticed that many have different kext although with similar configurations. I tried to install the kext indicated by them but often they don't work for me. My configuration...
  4. Cimmerian

    Help compiling battery patch with Maciasl syntax error

    Hello guys I was making a battery patch for my Vaio and followed through the rehab man guide for creating a battery ssdt I have fixed all the errors that were expected but I have a problem with a syntax one. 61, 6126, syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_CLOSE_PAREN, expecting...
  5. gistomin

    AppleALC patch

    Hi! I want to patch AppleALC, from this (AppleALC): to this (VoodooHDA): So, I want to split one "Headphones" into several devices (headphnes, speaker, etc). I think, for this I need to patch SSDT My OS version: 10.15.3 (19D76)
  6. arminjazi

    No viable _OFF method to call in _INI to disable nvidia graphics card

    I have followed the instructions by RehabMan to the fullest extent and tried to extrapolate as to what I have to patch for my system. I have three pci slots all filled 1: nvidia- to be disabled 2: wlan card- to remain enabled 3: amd rx850- to remain enabled now looking at my disassembled...
  7. nooliga

    Dsdt is a cruel area - Help with remapping brightness keys

    hi there, im struggling for 5 days straight with remapping brightness keys for Lenovo C930 I read every manual out there and I know Rehabman URLs by heart, buy I really just cant do it, I dont know, Maybe I am dumb I managed to overcome 9 problems in the dsdt, but right after I just cant find...
  8. JohnnyWolinger

    [REQ] Custom SSDT FAN for Acer F5-573G

    Hi community and @RehabMan , i have Acer F5-573G laptop, installed FakeSMC and SMCSensors, but in HWMonitor not show fan information and noise of fan its terrible and temperature sometime its higher than 70º, have a way to fix this with custom SSDT-FAN? I found SSDT-FAN code for Asus and some...

    ASUS S551LB Laptop DSDT Patch

    Hello there. I tried patching DSDT for my laptop but i get compile errors. Sadly im new to DSDT patching so can anyone help me? Best Regards
  10. jettchen

    panic when add hot patchs by rehabman guide???

    Hi, my laptop(Thinkpad T460P, i5-6300HQ HD530) run well but when i add hot patchs it run panic and i don't know how to do, can anyone help me???
  11. Cookiefamily

    Cloning a existing Mac to a Hackintosh

    Hello, I am ready to build my first Hackintosh and I heard some people clone their existing installations of mac OS (10.12 in my case) to their hackintosh. However, I did not find a guide on how to do that yet, how do you start with that process? Do you set it up like usual and use the...
  12. max1242

    Problems with DSDT patching

    Hey, I have Sierra(10.12.2) installed on my Asus ROG 551JW laptop but I am facing a few problems. 1. I cant control brightness. 2. I cant view the battery status. 3. In some apps, like chrome things wont load(glitchy graphics) or when watching a video sometimes it will flicker. I also want to...
  13. greblos

    HP 6300/8300: upgrade UEFI firmware on existing system?

    Has anybody updated to HP UEFI firmware 3.06 on a HP 6300 or 8300 with an existing Mac OS install? My 8300 CMT has 2.99. I'm running High Sierra 10.13.4 (without the latest supplemental update) and using the Nvidia web driver for my GTX 1050 Ti. Everything else is set up per the Sierra/High...
  14. prototypeDCB

    Can't compile DSDT.dsl (T470)

    Hey there, I have recently been able to boot up High Sierra on a T470 and I'm struggling to patch the DSDT files. I have installed iasl an MacIasl app, extracted the DSDT and SSDT files on a folder using Terminal and the refs.txt. When I open the DSDT.dsl file and try to compile it, I get the...
  15. albertparedandan

    [help] SSDT-1 Compile Error

    Hey, I am following this guide by RehabMan: . However, after disassembling my ACPI files, I checked all the DSL files to see if there is any error (not changing anything yet) and SSDT-1 compiled with 5 syntax 6126 code...
  16. vulgo

    NVIDIA Web Driver Clover Patch + Tools

    Clover kext patch for NVIDIA Web Drivers This patch disables the OS version check present in NVIDIA's web drivers Permits rolling back drivers Persistent after updates (no need to repatch) Accelerated graphics on beta/early release macOS Name: Find: Replace: Comment: How to Add Web...
  17. norwayRainyday

    Kernel panic after patching DSDT.aml

    It's a new fresh install 10.13.2 DSDT.dsl file properly disassembled using refs.txt. Then compiled without any error. In order to make your checking/troubleshooting more easier, I just applied one patch, IRQ Fix, on DSDT.dsl and then saved it as .aml file. Kernel panic occurs as soon as I place...
  18. LarryChen2099

    macOS High Sierra AppleHDA layout editing

    Hi Not sure if this is the right place for this post, seeing that I have an actual MacBook Pro (MacBookPro13,2). I'm trying to do some experimentation with the 'DSPFuncLib' (or something similar, forgot what it was called) included in AppleHDA. The provided layouts which I assume are for my...
  19. ness91

    Lion on Haswell?

    Is there any chance to install 10.7 on a Haswell CPU? With a patched Kernel or something. I need this for my Pro Tools version
  20. Hammy7774

    Need help switching off my NVIDIA card cuz wanna upgrade to High Sierra

    Hello. So i tried patching DSDT/SSDT but i got no clue how to switch off NVIDIA card. I got at the point that i know Method(_INI is in SSDT-17 the _OFF is there aswell , maybe in DSDT . i dont know which line should i change to switch that thing off. Need some help :( here are both files. The...